Mark Zuckerberg Loses $29Billion As Users Keeps Abandoning Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg saw $29bn wiped from his net worth when Facebook-Meta share prices collapsed following its latest quarterly report.

Shares of Meta dropped nearly 25 per cent in after-hours trading after the firm announced lower-than-expected revenue figures, as well as a decline in Facebook users for the first time in its 18-year history.

The number of daily active Facebook users fell by 1 million to 1.929 billion, with the company blaming competition from rivals like TikTok and YouTube.


Serious Question, how many times you think Zuckerberg has been CLONED?


  • J

    I somehow think they’ll be okay, considering you say you hate Facebook but haven’t left yet. And rather than leave, use it to a FURTHER degree as a marketing platform. Hell if everyone thinks like you do, they’d be making probably triple soon😂

    • blondiepie

      Why not use them? They keep making bad decisions, putting everything in something that will literally put you in a matrix, I’ve decided to pick up blogging again, so again why wouldn’t I use them? And what exactly am I making them? I don’t think my one page is going to make or break them, and I probably would leave if it wasn’t for all the content it holds for me. Old band videos, old pics everything. So as long as I can use them to get my blog up and running and spread some truth, I’ll do just that. Using my head.

        • blondiepie

          I recognize nothing. If you haven’t read it, know nothing about it, it’s NEWS. Do you got that through your head, liberal from Truth Social or maybe the liberal bot platform twitter. Do tell which.

          • Carly

            Welllllll you called it a blog in your previous comment so unless someone hacked your account for your own website, you did in fact recognize it as a blog.

            “Do you got that through your head” That is some lovely grammar for someone who considers themselves a journalist.

            Neither lol, but interesting accusations from someone who reports ‘news’, as I’d assume you’d like to collect factual evidence before making harsh accusations. Saw this page from a friend who shared your post on Facebook. I’m just another republican like the comment above and below that agrees you are an extremist ruining the republican party.

          • blondiepie

            No 1+1+1+1+1=5 if there’s overwhelming evidence, there’s trails that lead to a foregone conclusion. You just don’t research and read, that’s all.

            By the way, I was told the same thing about so many things, Epstein being one, I was posting about him before his first arrest, then I was told the same thing after his first arrest, you still deny.

            You’re no Republican, Republicans do not criticize what YOU would call conspiracies. You’re a liberal and you’re using a liberal weapon, an attempt at SHAMING. That doesn’t work anymore. We post because of so many conspiracies put down that is all over in documents, on government and global websites you still call conspiracies.

            You look the fool. You are a fool and compelled to comment on a “blog”. I have never done that before, what’s it like?

            You’re criticizing Zuckerberg losing 29 Billion and what I posted right? We’ll, fool here you go. If I were you, before criticizing a post, check the facts okay? Okay fool?
            You libs still like Reuters right? If not here you go.

            Oh one more thing journalist on TV are not journalist, they repeat, WE ARE THE NEWS NOW!
            And update your icon so we All know who you really are. Post your Facebook link. I’ll stop by and say HI. Lmao 🤣😂

  • J

    Why not use them?! Well you literally answered your own question in the next sentence. It was a serious crack up when someone told me you were advertising on fb. You extremist republicans that run with ANY idea that goes against the left, even if it contradicts previous things you’ve said, are seriously ruining the republican name for us. One day you’ll wake up and see that the government has to work together, on both sides, to change things. Maybe you should start putting your energy into learning to work with and understand others instead of making all these hateful, fake, and pointless blog posts. After all, you don’t turn purple vegan by telling them their ideals are wrong and disgusting, why do you think that would work on democrats?

  • Carly

    Sorry, your page is poorly set up and I only see the first two to three letters of every line. I am unsure of a single thing you’re trying to say. Once you fix your blog site, get back to me👍

    • blondiepie

      Carly, what’s your full name? I want to know who you are, you’re not afraid to expose yourself are you? Do you have a website? Are you a critic? Or are you sitting in the Adirondacks commenting on the Post Star, making fake accounts so you can comment as different people, now actually seeking out my website to come here and, well, be like a liberal. I’m doing pretty good with getting people here. I don’t care what you think. It’s all to SPREAD THE TRUTH…. You don’t like the truth? So sad for you. You got a demon attached to you and you will always be a miserable c**t, nobody to love you, least once they get to know you anyways. You probably stalk every ex you’ve ever had, probably ex friends too.