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Current clinical wisdom is that the vast majority of those who complete suicide suffer from a mental disorder. Uncritical adherence to this belief may limit our understanding and restrict the full range of prevention activities. We aimed to examine the public record for accounts of suicide by men who had been, or were about to be, investigated or apprehended for “sex only” child sex offences, with a view to presenting a collection of case histories, and identifying examples of suicide in the apparent absence of mental disorder other than pedophilia.


The public record (hard and electronic copy) was examined.


Twenty case histories were identified of men with no apparent mental disorder (other than pedophilia) who completed suicide shortly after exposure or threatened public exposure and/or early or potential legal punishment.


This evidence strongly suggests that exposure or threatened public exposure of pedophilia and/or early or potential legal punishment creates a predicament, which may lead to completed suicide.

Case histories

Lewis Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt (59 years; 1922) has been described as a sexual predator who attempted to rape both males and females. His behavior was tolerated and kept private. However, after he attempted to rape a 12 year old boy, the boy’s mother made the matter public. Harcourt died by overdose in his study at his London home. He was born to a well connected family and educated at Eaton. His father, Sir William, had been Home Secretary. Harcourt married at 33 years and fathered four children. He had been a liberal MP (1904–1916), and had held various ministerial positions, including Secretary of State to the colonies (17).

Neil Hocquart (40 years; 1991) was a photographer associated with Nichols Rabet (see later) and a large group of other pedophiles at a privately funded children’s activity center, “The Stables”. He died of a drug overdose in London, after police raided his house and confiscated 300 pornographic videos and 100 pornographic photographs. Hocquart, born Foster, took the name from a Guernsey sailor. Captain Hocquart willed considerable wealth to Foster, and soon after, died of an apparent heart attack. At this time, Rabet fled to Thailand (18).

William Lucan-Roberts (61 years; 2000), was facing 67 child sex charges, and was dreading his picture appearing in the newspaper. He left a suicide note, “…I felt it was better I go…” and drowned himself in a private swimming pool in Sydney, Australia. Lucan-Roberts was a classics teacher and cricket coach at a prestigious Sydney secondary school (19).

William Brown (52 years; 2004) was charged with child sex offences in Indonesia and jailed for 13 years; within days, he hanged himself at Police Headquarters, Karangasem, Bali. He had once worked in the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. However, “his overt homosexuality had led to his dismissal as a diplomat” in 1984. He then worked as an English teacher in a tourism school in Bali (20).

Bruce Crosby (59 years; 2006) was an educated US citizen living in Panama. His computer was confiscated by the Panamanian police. Four days later, while charges were being prepared, he asphyxiated himself with butane cooking gas in his bathroom, on the island of Bastimentos. He was believed to have been an active pedophile, using local boys, and made a living by selling pornography and arranging pedophile sex tours of Panama to clients from around the world (21).

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