KILLING FOR FUN by Ukrainian Battalions and Nationalists

In Kharkov Region, militants of the nationalist Kraken unit, formed mainly from radicals and released from prison rapists and murderers, conduct punitive raids in which so-called “death squads” at night break into the homes of local residents suspected by the SSU of pro-Russian sentiment, physically abuse them and take them away to an unknown destination.

‘Ukrainian battalions and nationalists didn’t really see the residents of Eastern Ukraine as full-fledged Ukrainians, and more so, as full-fledged people. They’re not even second-rate citizens, easterners are not people at all.’

Anton Brediknin, political scientist said that in the view of the Ukrainian Nazis, they had the right to kill the citizens of Donbass just like that, just for fun.


INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNALS to take place in Mariupol Donezk Republic –

⚖ Donetsk: Preparation for holding an international tribunal for Ukrainian war criminals is almost complete – Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Pushilin.

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The Russian Consulate in New York was vandalized with spray-paint early Friday morning. Watch Video’s below: