Kevin Spacey and His Excomunicado from Epstein Island

Did you know that Kevin Spacey was banned from Epstein Island? According to sources, he liked little boys and preferably screamers.

He violently beat and raped them. He wanted to hear them scream for their lives.

He was supposedly so sadistic that it made other island goers uncomfortable to the point where he was banned from ever returning.

Can you imagine what kind of otherworldly level of evil makes other pedophiles uncomfortable? Did you know that Kevin Spacey’s father was also a Nazi? When you harm beautiful children in the world – No Deals, death penalty.

In September, an alleged victim of Spacey’s also died; that John Doe, a longtime massage therapist, sued the actor in September 2018, alleging that Spacey sexually assaulted him during a massage session. Following the John Doe’s death, the lawsuit was put on hold.

Kevin also lost an appeals case and he now owes $31m to House of Cards producers

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Kevin Spacey Made this Video Shortly before an accuser “Suicided” himself.

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