JUST IN – Trump sues CNN: Seeks over $475 Million for Defamation.

Go Trump! Why stop at CNN? Didn’t the others, with the exception of Fox, OAN and News Max out of the well known stations has slandered you. I hope you own the station by the time you’re done. CNN is the worst offender though. I do hope you sue the others, we’ve also once you’re back in office change the laws, news can not be this way.

I think they need to swear on the constitution to deliver the news, banned from hiring ex intelligence. It’s sad to say, but the Comey, Brennan, and others have ruined that. They are communists, these people in our government come out join a news network and everything that comes out of their mouths have a communist, globalist, climate change agenda. MIND CONTROL!

Personally I also think every red blooded American should be able to sue the media and the education system. They have done a number on our children, I don’t see how we can reverse the damage they have done.