Is your cable company censoring? I got problems with My WEBSITE

Okay here is my problem….I can not upload any pictures or videos into my site. We have troubleshooted it with GoDaddy, with WP…and there is nothing wrong….but here is the Kicker…I can get on a HOT SPOT, thereby avoiding my internet carrier and upload a picture just fine.

This problem is coming from my internet carrier…there is no doubt about it…so Google got caught, the social media platforms got caught…now they’re trying to find other ways?????

I don’t like working off my tablet, as my eyesight isn’t so great….and My husband knows how to fix a real problem within websites and computers..he even works for a platform…so if we start having problems doing things online, it just might be your internet provider….Oh and we have called them..and one of the reps for the provider said she had seen this before, the next rep that called us back a week later tried a few things but nothing seems to work…now maybe it’s the FEDS, hacking internet providers, or maybe it’s the provider…I don’t know, but something is up.

I do post about UKRAINE AND RUSSIA and they don’t like that, facebook hates it…Oh I also have problems getting to my facebook account too…

I’m posting this without any pictures or featured picture because I just don’t feel like messing with my tablet and finding some picture to get you’re attention. I haven’t even posted in over a week because of this…I’m so sick of this website being messed with, this isn’t the first time they have done this to my site.

They probably hate me for exposing GOOGLE AND taking ADSENSE MONEY FROM ME I removed them because they were making money off of my posts that they said was not allowed but loaded it up with their adsense ads and I see my ad revenue go up, only to be taken and not just taken but reduced down more than made…every night in the dead of night they’d take their WAR MONEY from me…they are WAR PROFITEERS…so I removed them…after that ALL HELL BROKE LOSE on my site….