I’m not a big Alex Jones Fan, But, This is not Good for FREE Speech or FREE Thought

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Responds to Billion Dollar Judgement

So let’s get this straight, we can no longer question anything in the United States of America? Come on now, what if I questioned if someone committed suicide or not, why aren’t we all being sued for saying Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself, news says he killed himself, the prison said he killed himself, yet we all believe he didn’t kill himself, what’s the difference here? You tell me?

Don’t tell me it hurts the families, they don’t have to listen to it, death hurts families, and really that little town was created, people moved out and people moved in. That’s as far as I’m taking this, Sandy Hook is full of liberals. Full.

And lets give Alex Jones a little credit he helped in the Awakening, regardless of what I may think, (CIA) or not, he did wake lots of people up, and exposed lots of FACTS that were once conspiracies.

Watch video of Alex reacting to the Judgement.