11/30/22 Google AdSense Censorship and Profiting from that Censorship Update – WAR PROFITEERS!

FINAL UPDATE: I have completely removed google adsense!

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Be sure to scroll down, to the latest Amt…PRICELESS…

So I’m noticing that my google Adsense would have an amount and that amount going down after a few days, I’m like WTF? So I go to my Adsense Console and in the messages within the console I get this:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom I have updated the amounts on this account twice. This was after I realized they sent me the message below. So they have been reducing my adsense Amount for a while.

You gotta ask yourself, what are they hiding about UKRAINE. I post pedophiles, I post Government Corruption, FBI, CIA but this Ukraine Thing is something they want covered up and Ukraine must be made the good guys in this. They’re not…They took money, corrupt money. Now they’re covering up the crimes we and other countries are involved in.

Now let me just say this is CENSORSHIP of NEWS, they only want pro Ukraine news, why you may ask, because we, the United States have turned Ukraine into a money laundering funnel, we’ve set up bio labs, Hunter and his deals, the Nazis there, that never really left and that America thought it would be a good idea after the Nazi war to spread those Nazis in every corner of the earth, putting them in the education systems, the political arenas, in our news stations, and now, now we have home grown Nazis that don’t even understand they are following the Nazi playbook and socialism is Nazism, fascism, NWO total control, bullshit, globalists are Nazis, socialists are Nazis…Understand?

And now Adsense keeps the money from websites that happen to post news, real news, with evidence and videos. Let me just say, nobody is going to get rich from Adsense, and I don’t do this site and post the things I post for ADSENSE MONEY, that’s ridiculous to even say such a thing, and believe me liberals have said it to me. The kids in the Congo digging for battery ingredients make more money than I do on Adsense. I don’t worry about that, I want TRUTH, and the TRUTH is Ukraine is favored because they don’t want the TRUTH to come out, BUT what I don’t like is them KEEPING 100% of my revenue and PROFITING off my site. Bottom Line, GOOGLE like every big corporation, is PROFITING FROM WAR!

Maybe they’ll cancel me after this post. Maybe they won’t, the only reason I keep it is because sooner or later the war will be over and they’ll be another CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY they want to cover up. What? They don’t do that? Really? HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP…all so they can get Joe in to cover their damned crimes….PANIC is evident…

I’m adding this JUST BECAUSE………

Update: They have taken more money, I was up to $27.00 whole dollars I’m down to $20.00.….They are PROFITING FROM WAR! While ripping off citizens….I wonder if they took Yahoo’s adsense for posting about Ukraine and their War Crimes….I’m doubting it…and what they’re taking will be on Mainstream news soon, everyday they struggle to keep it out, but everyday they gotta look at it and know they are ignoring it…Will I get my compensation back when it does hit mainstream news? I’M DOUBTING THAT TOO

It is now 10/23/2022 and this here is what my Adsense Amt is, they just keep reducing it and reducing it, while profiting, I plan on putting it on my Google Blogger which only gets 2 hits a day…literally everyday 2 people hit that blogger, I just post a this website there, which has no pictures or anything going on there but I actually blogged a headline, who are the 2 people that keep hitting my blog, you’re not feds are you? Anyway check out the amt I’m at now, but they’re not going to keep making money on my ads so I will be moving the adsense to my google blog, just so I can keep the account, just as soon as I figure out how. But this is BULLSHIT, they keep the account, put the ads up and yet keep the money…Keep Scrolling down for new amount updates…Tag this posts, stay updated

10/20/22 New Amount Update from Google Adsense

Above are amounts roughly as the days went, I’m sure they reduced it everyday until I got to the 15.06 amount, I wasn’t taking screenshots at that point, but from here on 10/20/22 I will update this post as to the amounts as they change…again scroll down, they reduced it more!

10/24/22 new amount update from Google Adsense

10/25/22 – Update it went up, but I’m not counting on it staying there, they keep doing that, putting it up a little then taking even more away than they put in. I bet I’ll be in the minus soon. But I’m posting the amt, each time I see they messed with it whether up or down…I’ll keep posting the updates…

10/25/22 3:15am in the morning- went up, still not counting on it staying, they will reduce it. I just keep covering up their ads with Amazon widgets. But I do like to keep track of how much they keep taking.

10/26/22- New Google update- it is 5:25am

10/26/22 – New Google Adsense Update – it is 7:14pm.

10/27/2022 – New Google Adsense update – It’s 12:08am est.

10/28/2022 – New Google Adsense Update – It’s 1:58am est.

10/28/2022 – New Google Adsense Update – 10:18pm est

10/30/22 – New Google Adsense Update – 6:05pm

10/31/22 – New Google Adsense Update – 1:31 pm

But I haven’t posted Russian information in a few days so…But I expect more reduction when I do.. I don’t believe they’re taking money from one post but for the entire day when I post Russian information.

11/02/22 – New Google Adsense Update – 3:22am

Oh man I hadn’t really posted any Russia Posts in a day or two, the amount goes up…I post a russian Post and they take the money earned when it wasn’t even russia…..I SWEAR IF I HAD MONEY, I’D SUE THEIR ASSES GOOD.

11/03/22 – Google Adsense update 2:27 am

I’ve been noticing more and more posts that has to do with Russia and Ukraine. Some I’ve read and seems to be almost the same as my posts…..They’re now exposing Ukraine and it’s on very popular sites.. I only hope they’re getting A FREAKING REDUCTION HIT ON ADSENSE LIKE I AM. I also would like an accounting of Googles Reductions and why..and each post and where they get their damned figures from. They are rapist of Money rich Pedophiles profiting off of lies about this war.

Oh and this isn’t even about the money, I do this to help spread THE FREAKING TRUTH this is about SICK twisted liberals, who should pay for this to every American they Censored, every American they MIND CONTROLLED to be a communist liberal POS, and they’re all over tik tok app…and twitter…

11/03/22 – Google Adsense Update 7:48 pm est.

As you can see it went up a bit, but later in the wee hours of the morning like the robbers they are in the dark of night they come to take, take, take. Watch it’ll go back down…google adsense is loving the war, profiting from the war. They stick extra ads in the Russian posts…I noticed that too…

11/04/22 – Google Adsense Update 3:02 am Est.

See I told you like thieves in the night they come and take the money…Off of the Russian ADS they install into every Russian post they are “Opposed to You would think Google Adsense was rich enough…taking from the poor to give to the rich...TYPICAL BIG CORP, BIG TECH MENTALITY.

11/08/22 – LAST POST – I have removed Google Adsense, below you will see why!

Just keeps getting better and better, they profit off the ads on this site and use the excuse of the war? Then take it off my site…Nope they’re not doing that, instead keep putting up ads and reducing the amt. I’m waiting to reach Zero and see if they keep the ads up…

I’m now included Amazon on my site IF YOU COULD SEE YOUR WAY to using my LINKS here, you can use any link and search for the product you’re looking for but I would get a small amt for the referral.

Ukraine is killing Citizens

It’s 10/20/22 and just thought I’d add more of my 2 Cents/

If you look at all of my posts, GOOGLE ADSENSE sure as hell doesn’t mind putting 3 or 4 ads on my DANGEROUS RUSSIAN POSTS, Google is keeping the money I’m making for them, which really boils down to GOOGLE PROFITING on the back of an American and on WAR….

There’s nothing like a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY profiting from war while trying to CENSOR THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD…I’m so sick of ELITES thinking they can stifle us, rule us, and enslave us.

WE’VE GOTTA GROW SOME BALLS here in America. Italy is protesting their asses off and getting beat downs for it…where are we? I’ll tell you, school teachers and the like in Antifa is where we are at. Little man/woman people are out there riot and looting while the people they ruin doing the riot and looting sit back and take it…ruining businesses, towns and cities, and here we are, election stolen, crime spree of the century, funding Nazis in Ukraine, what’s wrong with us, and have men lost masculinity here in America?

They just keep reducing and reducing, at this point, I’m interested to see if they get me down to Zero. I was thinking of moving the Google Adsense to my Dismal Google Blogger site, but now It’s kinda like a war with me. I know Google wins, they’re a billion dollar company. But I’m still going to expose what they do. Their ads are still up on my site, IN THE RUSSIAN CONTENTED posts….THEY ARE PROFITING FROM MY SITE, while taking 100%…Trust me this has nothing to do with making money on this site, I don’t do it for money, this site costs me more to do and hours doing it money, I haven’t made a dime on this site, I started my Amazon account up and I plug the ads in whenever they plug in an ad on my posts.

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