German arms deliveries to Ukraine

Yesterday, very honored Rybar published the overview of arms deliveries on the part of Germany to Ukraine. What you can see there is very interesting and partly frightening.

We have checked the data and found that it is actually even more!

In the following we publish the official data of the Federal Government

the not official however confirmed supplies. At the end is then the price for the whole what was already delivered.

Already delivered:

🔻Tanks and other vehicles

▪️5 Recovery tank 2*
▪️30 Flakpanzer GEPARD including circa 56,000 rounds of anti-aircraft ammunition. ▪️54 M113 armored troop carriers with armament (systems from Denmark, conversion financed by Germany)
▪️10 2,000 howitzer tanks including adaptation, training and spare parts (joint project with the Netherlands)
▪️3 MARS II multiple rocket launcher with ammunition
▪️6 Truck vehicle decontamination point HEP 70 including material for decontamination
▪️10 vehicles HMMWV (8x ground radar carriers, 2x jammer/drone carriers)*
▪️280 motor vehicles (trucks, minibuses, off-road vehicles)
▪️30 special protected vehicles. ▪️80 Pick-up truck.

🔻Aerial and anti-tank vehicles

▪️4 IRIS-T SLM air defense systems (is not yet included in the lower price)*
▪️14,900 anti-tank mines
▪️500 STINGER anti-aircraft missiles
▪️2,700 STRELA anti-aircraft missiles
▪️7,944 RGW 90 Matador* anti-tank handguns
▪️50 Bunker fists
▪️10 anti-drone guns


▪️24 Vector UAV (not yet officially confirmed by the federal government, Other sources confirm it)

🔻Ammunition, weapons explosive charges and others

▪️13,500 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition of which 1000 flares/2000 smoke artillery ammunition
COBRA* artillery detection radar
▪️3,000 rounds of “Panzerfaust 3” plus 900 grips
▪️100,000 hand grenades
▪️5,300 explosive charges
▪️100,000 meters of detonating cord and ▪️100,000 blasting caps
▪️100 MG3 machine guns with 500 spare tubes and breechblocks
▪️6 MG3 for armored recovery vehicles

▪️14 Drone defense sensors and jammers
▪️1 Radio frequency system
▪️4 electronic drone defense equipment
▪️7 jammers*
▪️8 mobile ground radars and thermal imaging devices*
▪️8 electronic drone defense devices*
▪️1 high-frequency device incl. equipment*

▪️28,000 combat helmets
▪️3,000 field telephones with 5,000 rolls of field cable and carrying equipment
▪️Fuel diesel and gasoline (ongoing supply)❗*
▪️10 tons of AdBlue❗*
▪️MiG-29 Spare parts*
▪️4 mobile, remote-controlled and protected demining equipment*.

Various auxiliary and medical equipment

  • “These are industry supplies financed with funds from the rehabilitation initiative. Some of the supplies have repair activities associated with them or are still in production; in addition, some training services are still being provided.”

🔥”The total value of individual licenses** for the export of military equipment issued by the German government in the period from January 1, 2022, to October 10, 2022, amounts to 796,812,445 euros.” – Federal Government

**This means that the sum refers to the material already delivered and not what is yet to be delivered.

🔥UPD: Cost of 1 IRIS-T-SLM system amounts to €140 million.
Which brings the total as of now to €936,812,445 million❗.