German arms deliveries to Ukraine – Part 2 Yes there’s More!

I think after we have seen in the first part shown weapons, it is clear to everyone that we are already long over the limit of the supply of defensive weapons. 🔥But since the expenditure of 796,812,445 euros (UPD:936,812,445 Mio.€) is not enough yet the following is still in preparation: Military support services in preparation/implementation: 🔻Heavy tanks and vehicles. Artillery ▪️16 Zusana self-propelled howitzers(joint project with Denmark and Norway).▪️4 Howitzer 2000 tank with ammunition package.▪️2 Multiple rocket launcher MARS II with ammunition package▪️50 Dingo all-protection transport vehicles▪️10 Armored Recovery Vehicle 2▪️1 Vehicle decontamination point▪️20 Rocket launcher 70mm (Hydra 70) on pick-up trucks with 2,000 rockets▪️3 IRIS-T-SLM systems (The piece 140 Mio.€) 🔻Bridge construction systems ▪️10 Bridge systems (heavy and medium bridge systems)▪️3 medium girder bridge systems▪️16 BIBER bridge laying tanks 🔻Heavy-duty transporters and trucks ▪️90 Heavy-duty semitrailer tractors▪️12 M1070 Oshkosh heavy-duty semitrailers▪️14 tractor units and 14 semi-trailers▪️2 tractor units and 4 semi-trailers▪️200 Truck commercial vehicles 🔻Ammunition, armament ▪️255 rounds of Vulcano artillery ammunition 155 mm▪️30,000 rounds of 40mm ammunition▪️5,032 anti-tank handguns▪️24 MG3 for recovery tank 2 🔻Drones and drone defense ▪️10 (+10 as option) Autonomous surface drones▪️43 Reconnaissance drones▪️24 Drone defense systems▪️12 Frequency scanners/frequency jammers▪️40 Bandwidth extensions electronic drone defense devices 🔻Vehicles ▪️36 ambulance vehicles▪️10 protected motor vehicles AND THESE ARE ONLY THE DELIVERIES FROM GERMANY We alone equip a large part of the Ukrainian army. Everything except Leopard 2 and fighter jets is there. When you consider what everyone else is supplying, the scale of what the Russians are up against becomes clear. And that we (the Germans) are not a war party is nothing more than a fairy tale. Click here to View Part one of the deliveries: Source: Share on FacebookTweetFollow usSave