Forced Prostitution in Kosovo

A “taboo topic” has been given new food by a recent human rights report. Accordingly, International “peace forces” are involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution in Kosovo, perhaps even their engine. “It was not until the establishment of the international protectorate that the business with the commodity of people got going,” said the tenor of the report by Amnesty International, which was presented on Thursday.

The “open secret” is not a new one. In the summer of 2002, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) had already found in a study that forced prostitution and human trafficking are flourishing in South-Eastern Europe – with the decisive help of the West (the European Union is setting the “hub of human trafficking” in motion). The reasons for this are, among other things, the EU’s immigration policy and the deterioration of living conditions due to wars, flight and market economy reforms in the region. The general lack of work and prospects in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe is also responsible for this. But also explicitly the well-paid “internationals” who arrived in the Balkans by the thousands in the 90s. The resulting conditions were described in detail even then as slave-like sexual exploitation conditions, which would prevail especially in the UN protectorates of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

A new report published by the human rights organization Amnesty International now deals exclusively with the situation of women and girls in Kosovo. The 80-page paper reads like a never-ending list of frightening descriptions of violence and individual fates, which are confronted with an equally long list of incomprehensible omissions and entanglements on the part of those responsible in Kosovo. For example, 20 percent of brothel visitors or suitors in Kosovo are “internationals”, although these would only make up (male / female together) two percent of the population.

Hamburg / Berlin – In Macedonia, brothels with underage prostitutes are also visited by German KFOR soldiers, according to information from ARD. As the ARD announced on Sunday in Hamburg, a 16-year-old Bulgarian woman sold to a brothel in Tetovo reported that her “suitors” included hundreds of German soldiers. The German Defense Ministry said in Berlin that this claim is “not confirmed”. This also applies to other operational areas of German troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Child brothels regularly frequented by KFOR soldiers

🍕 Child brothels
🍕KFOR soldiers

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Dirty organ trafficking from Kosovo to the EU

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