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Since I live in Florida and found a few channels on Telegram that are fighters behind the scenes and they struggle for us, all of us in Florida and really, all of America against the Liberal Agenda, which includes Grooming of our children, I honor and praise all those taking action and these people will go down in history as hero’s to their families and to America.

I’m going to help promote their fight and channels. That is why I started this site. To expose the Leftist Agenda, The Great Reset, Agenda 21/30, Elite, Satanic Pedophiles or just Pedo’s in general because they help that Elite Satanic Pedophile ring that runs the world and that’s why they also Fight. Below is from their Channels on Telegram, I hope if you are a member of Telegram you would join their channels as they post much more content than I can keep up with.


If you’re new here :

The Miami Dade County public schools shuffled teachers around that had raped or molested students for years without proper investigations, allowing for these teachers to rape MORE students. When they couldn’t hide it any longer… they paid out settlements to the victims but NOT before making the students sign NDAS that prevented them from speaking out on the school boards negligence.

When constituents started fighting to give the children a voice Miami PR “gurus” Jenny Lee Molina and Sonia V Diaz of balsera communications (a Clinton , Obama linked PR firm) started a fake antifa page to dox, harass and intimidate anyone that would.

I am currently exposing this story.

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JUST IN: Alex Serrano of County Citizens Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit against Miami Dade Public Schools for violations of Parental Rights and Sunshine Law violations pertaining to books that contain gender ideology, promoting 9 different genders, and promote abortion. Way to go Alex!

What has SHOCKED me the most as I have observed and participated in Broward Politics is how the Teachers Union DEFENDS SICKOS LIKE THIS as one of their main jobs and PUTS THEM BACK IN THE CLASSROOM!

Yesterday I called on the Broward School Board to REMOVE a Guide on their website which allows for Teachers to transition students without parents consent against FL Law. I also called on them to REJECT Superintendent Cartwright’s Evaluation! The Guide was taken DOWN and Cartwright’s Evaluation was REJECTED by end of the day!!

BROWARD IS STILL LOOKING FOR ELECTION WORKERS $350 a day!!! Don’t complain about Voter Fraud if you are unwilling to be part of the process!!

This is a woman who as United Teachers of Dade Prez Karla Hernandez sicced her online thugs on any parent who spoke out against her agenda with an online terror campaign and also had thugs in the room to intimidate and copy down names of opponents for doxxing. Censorship leaves us in the dark.

Jonathan Riches was on America’s Voice News this morning about putting up Ukrainian Flags in Florida Neighborhoods destroyed by Hurricane Ian so that the Government sends aid there. The Babylon Bee even put out a Satire Article about it. 👇

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For all our Latino Citizens

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Democrats are mad that Hurricane Ian won’t suppress Republican votes.

Peak Clown world is the Tiny home debacle of Virginia Key.

Let me brief you guys

Virginia key is a
beach park located in barrier island off the coast of Miami called Key Biscayne. It’s is part of Miami Dade County. Key Biscayne is made up of predominant social justice democrat voters and it is not cheap to live here. Some of the more expensive real estate in Miami is in key Biscayne.

The Unhinged left in Miami has been complaining for years that crackheads and homeless people need somewhere to do their crack and exist… cause how else can they LA, Miami

So the Miami commission comes up with a solution. YOU take them. And proposes building tiny houses on beachfront property Virginia Key for the homeless and the crack heads…

Y’all… what do you know? Turns out they don’t want the homeless people and crack heads in their expensive private island so they’ve been fighting it for months, claiming the proposal is “racist”.

Please consider this.. building tiny homes in ocean front land for free while a 1B apartment in Miami averages at $2400 is being called racist 🤣🤣

The blatant lunacy and hypocrisy of it all is so accidentally entertaining

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