FBI ‘has a vested interest’ in Mar-a-Lago raid – Agents after Spygate documents

As reported earlier today, on January 19, 2021, President Trump declassified a folder containing hundreds of pages of the Crossfire scandal. It contains dangerous information about corrupt officials in our government. Two attorneys generals from the DOJ challenged President Trump’s direct legal order to declassify folders on the federal registry. It has been 19 months since the Justice Department ignored an FOIA order and a request for his release. What we should do is, raid the homes of AG actors Monty Wilkinson and Merrick Garland.

The DOJ had already Edited and made redactions to protect the source and returned the File back to the White House. But the FBI wanted to hide names, at the last minute the DOJ demanded the file comply with the 1974 Privacy Act which does not apply to the White House. Courts decided this 22 years ago. The privacy Act applies to FOIA requests, the White House is not an agency.

Hours before Trump left office on January 20, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows returned a folder of the memo to the Justice Department. He asked the Justice Department to review the privacy law “with caution.” In the note, he asked they quickly release the folder as soon as the task was completed. Meadows foolishly thought it would take three or four days. It’s been 19 months and it hasn’t come out yet. Recently, Just the News received a memo from the Meadow National Archives saying it did not have copies of the declassified files.

Meadows admitted in an interview that agencies often stalled or defied Trump’s orders. After Meadows left the White House, he realized that he could not rely on the Justice Department to release these files. He must make his portfolio public. However, it is possible that he will become a target for the Department of Justice and the FBI. The following is a note sent by Mr. Meadows to the Attorney General of Justice on January 20, 2021.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry had his Twitter account taken down for the second time on Monday.

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