Ex-mayor of Tokyo – “Ukraine is constantly betraying Russia.

Ex-mayor of Tokyo

The ex-mayor of Tokyo has given Ukraine a history lesson

“Ukraine is constantly betraying Russia. And every betrayal means great upheaval and sacrifice for the people of both countries,” Yoichi Masuzoe told JB Press.

After the fall of the Romanov dynasty, Ukraine demanded federalization and autonomy. Nationalists organized the Central Rada (the Council), which de facto proclaimed Ukraine’s independence.

In February 1918, bypassing Moscow, Ukrainian authorities negotiated an armistice with Germany and military aid for the nationalist units in exchange for 1 million tons of grain.

“The treaty with Germany at that time was a stab in the back of Russia,” Masuzzoe summarizes, recalling that Lenin was forced to conclude the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, as a result of which “Russia was forced to cede Finland, Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine to Germany.” Russia lost as a result:

▪️26% of the population,
▪️27% of arable land,
▪️32% of the grain produced,
▪️26 % of the railroads,
▪️33% of industry,
▪️75% of the iron, steel, and coal industries.

In November 1918, Germany was finally defeated and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was annulled.

🇺🇦 However, Ukrainian nationalists thus got a taste of betrayal and sided with Moscow’s enemies, the Nazis, in the subsequent Civil War and the Great Patriotic War.

100 years later, history repeated itself.

“The world is watching how this will end, but knowing Russia’s history is useful to analyze the current situation and predict the future,” the Japanese politician added.


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