Donbass War: Summer 2014 – Russia/Ukraine War – Torture in ‘The Library’

When it comes to your house with the need to kill you, you no longer need to think about should you pull the trigger or should you not use self-defense measures.’ Vladimir Kononov, former Minister of Defense of the DPR (2014-2018) and other witnesses of the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine talk about the events of 2014.

It is a turning point in the history of the country. The rural west and the industrial east have always differed in mentality, communication and traditions. In the end, conflicts and contradictions, which are found everywhere, resulted in civil confrontation and war.

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Donbass War
Torture in ‘The Library’

‘You might walk into the boiler room, and the entire floor would be covered in blood. People were suffocating and scratching the walls with their nails.’ Vasily Prozorov, a former officer of the Security Service of Ukraine, tells of torture in a secret Ukrainian prison. ‘The Library’ was in a restaurant at Mariupol airport. According to Vasily, the torture chamber appeared in June 2014, when the Azov* battalion was mopping up DNR supporters in Mariupol.

Olga Seletskaya, a former inmate of ‘The Library’, shared what she went through: ‘They submerged my head in water. I began to drown. I felt I couldn’t breathe and began to pass out. They did it to me several times.’

This is an excerpt from film Donbass War: Summer 2014
, where Vasily shows how and where the Ukrainian military tortured people. Olga recalls what she experienced. (#rtdocfilms)

Donbass War: Summer 2014

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