Demand to see the FBI Trump Raid Documents!

Why do you think the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago? Every document the FBI has taken was declassified, but not published to the general public, which means Trump could have released those documents at any time.

The FBI defiantly had to move quickly, they knew Trump would release them sooner or later and they could not have that, especially during the election of our new president! How much information did Trump have on them? What are they trying to hide?

Trump said that the documents in question “expose a Deep State plot” against him.

Could they be hiding the Iran Deal, Russiagate/Crossfire Hurricane, but what other crimes is Trump aware of that he might want to prevent the Deep State from destroying? Uranium One? Libya? Haiti? Benghazi? 9/11? JFK Assassination?

Wikileaks has released emails from some major players, how much could Trump have that could be used in a Military Tribunal? I don’t see us having our courts bogged down with so many trials, lasting for years, with no justice until they’re long dead, they are all connected to each other and to every major deep state player. Military Trials are fast and there is no appeals, get it done!

Now all citizens now want to know what the FBI has, and why it was so important to raid Mar-a-Lago, even the liberals want to see those “Damaging Classified Documents” least that’s what all the liberals keep saying anyway, “Trump’s going to Jail”, It’s over for Trump”, “They finally got him” taking documents that were not his, and not allowed to take. Oh and lets not forget the whole NY investigation. I mean how stupid do people have to be to believe Trump inflated his income by billions, DO LIBERALS NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH TRUMP WOULD HAVE TO PAY IN TAXES on Billions he did not make? What they’re trying to say Trump publicly announces he either defrauded the Government and the IRS and didn’t report BILLIONS made, or they’re making up this whole lie for the ELECTION. All who will be voting for him ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM, everything they do makes us want to vote for him all the more.

Let’s hope Trump turned over those Unclassified documents to WIKILEAKS before the Raid.