Current: Air alert throughout Ukraine, Russian missile strikes & other Updates

💥Current: Air alert throughout Ukraine, Russian missile strikes As of 10/22/2022, 10:30 a.m. #readovkanews

Another morning is marked by a new wave of attacks on critical infrastructure. The morning missile strikes have hit the enemy power grid – power outages are reported in the western regions of Ukraine. Power problems are becoming almost chronic in a number of Ukrainian cities – Ukrenergo reports power supply restrictions in the capital and beyond.

💥At the moment there are attacks in:

  • Kiev region
  • Odessa region
  • Khmelnytskyi region
  • Rivne region
  • Lviv region
  • Volhynia region
  • Kirovograd region
  • Mykolaiv region

⚡️ Power outages in:

  • Kirovograd region
  • Odessa region
  • Rivne region
  • Nikolaev region
  • Volyn region (Lutsk and Kovel)
  • Khmelnitsky

💧Water supply in

  • Khmelnitsky

🇺🇦⚔️🇷🇺 22.10.22 Aggravation of the situation in the area of Kreminna

◽️AFU is trying with all his might to get to the Chervonopopovka and Zhitlovka from the side of the Terny.

◽️Acting with forces of up to 2 battalions, which are reinforced by the remnants of a tank company they do not abandon attempts to bypass the Kreminna to the North.

◽️Despite the losses in armored vehicles and manpower,AFU does not abandon attempts to break through the defense line of the Russian Army.

◽️There is information that officers from NATO countries take part in the planning and implementation of Kremennaya’s plan.


🇺🇦🇷🇺This is a good video and recommended to be presented to anyone who says “unprovoked aggression” of Russia against Ukraine.

This is video before the start of the Special Military Operation,month or months ago,something like that…

This is the mentality of Ukrainian Nazis, Keep in mind there are citizens that have been terrorized by the Nazis in Ukraine. That is why there are so many celebration videos of citizens happy to be liberated.

Attacks on Energy Facilities

The commander of the military operation in Ukraine, General Surovikin, gave the order to hit strategically important Ukrainian energy facilities

The climax of the attacks took place this morning, October 22.

▪️The most important facilities were the Lutsk-Severnaya (Volyn region), Rivne, Pobug (Kirovograd region), Usatovo, and Adzhalyk (Odessa region) substations.

▪️A general substation checkpoint near Odessa was also hit, which will complicate the restoration of power grids in the southern regions of Ukraine.

▪️This will paralyze the movement of trains transporting military equipment from the central regions to Nikolaev and distribution on the Kherson front.

▪️The Khmelnytskyy substation, which supplies electricity to a number of railroad lines and the AFU’s repair and maintenance facilities in western Ukraine, has been severely hit.

▪️The AFU’s entire rail supply structure on the fronts in the Donbas and near Kherson, as well as the activities of the logistics centers there, are on the verge of total collapse, according to reports.

▪️ Ukrainian Railways changes overall operation to diesel-powered trains.

After today’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities, the country began to experience serious interruptions in the Internet connection

The Khmelnitsky and Nikolaev regions suffered the most.