Civilization is Holding back Humanity from Happiness

Civilization are holding back humanity from progress, truth, liberty and happiness. Almost without exception, every Western institution — government, media, entertainment, sports, education, finance, tech, science, medicine and more — has been overtaken by anti-human, luciferian forces that push policies rooted in pure evil:

Child grooming, pedophilia and transgenderism maiming
Satanism and luciferian indoctrination
Anti-human depopulation
Mass censorship and the suppression of human knowledge and truth (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
Mass poisoning of humanity through toxic food, toxic medicine and toxic fake news
Mass obedience and authoritarian control over individuals’ actions
Mass surveillance / total invasion of privacy and the right to be left alone
The dismantling of food resources (hunger / starvation / scarcity) that keep human civilization fed
The dismantling of energy resources that keep human economies functioning
Engineered bioweapons labeled “vaccines” that are designed to achieve global genocide
Attacks on family values, White men, straight couples, reason, rationality and normalcy
Attacks on the biosphere / geoengineering

The White House is now hiring straight-up satanist homosexuals like Demetre Daskalakis, whose photos are featured below. He wears leather S&M bondage gear in the shape of the satanic pentagram star, and he has tattoos depicting luciferian themes. He is depicted in photos implying he has sex with other homosexuals who self-identify as animals. The White House obviously knew all this before they hired him which means they want you to know you are being ruled by luciferian homosexuals.

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