Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato’s colab about children being abducted & taken underground as prisoner. Watch vid below

Nevertheless, it appears that there are even deeper meanings to the video. Twitter user @demetriaaalove has come up with an extensive fan theory that the visuals reference the ways in which Demi and Christina were both ordered around by men as young Disney stars and it seems pretty legit.


  • Carly

    What is this garbage😂 what a waste of 5 minutes of my life. Learn to post news that-unlike every one of your Facebook posts-isn’t reaching, and you might get more activity!!

    You have absolutely no credentials to be posting the content you’re posting, and I have yet to see a single source cited. You call it news, but it’s written like a blog.

    • blondiepie

      You the internet police? You anyone special you should be even writing that? Are you a criminalized journalist? You’re commenting on a Music video, you realize that right?
      I posted twitter posts and a video. If I want to call it news, it’s news. Have a nice day.