Chemtrails are NOT a Conspiracy Theory – They can Try to Hide.

US F.O.I.A Request 6 months ago – …administration. Please include HAARP, chemtrails(Stratospheric Aerosol Injections/SAI)

Everyone should go and search FOIA requests and released documents. It makes it easier to converse with a person that will just say that’s been debunked, that’s a conspiracy. It’s very tiring to a person that is trying to discuss a topic you may not know about or have heard it’s debunked, however walking around saying such things is leaving you, well, in a matrix.

If you don’t know, admit it and ask questions, don’t try to make a person crazy or in a cult just because you believe mainstream news or those dreaded fact checkers that are so far off, to this day look up chemtrails and top links are they’re debunked, when there’s government documents right out there, websites that explain the chemtrails and the ingredents from government or world government websites. It’s like hey, there’s chemtrails, hey, there’s no such thing as chemtrails. It’s crazy!

This is from NASA

Tracers – Clouds and Trails

Tri-methyl aluminum

Luminous vapor trail of tri-methyl aluminum (TMA) reveals neutral winds, shears, gravity waves, and instabilities in the high-latitude, upper atmosphere.

Credits: NASA

First used with sounding rockets flown in the 1950’s, scientific research with experiments which inject vapor tracers in the upper atmosphere have greatly aided our understanding of our planet’s near-space environment. These materials make visible the naturally occurring flows of ionized and neutral particles either by luminescing at distinct wavelengths in the visible and infrared part of the spectrum or by scattering sunlight.

The type of vapor selected to create these colorful clouds and trails depends on the purpose of the investigation, the local time, and the altitude under study. Commonly used vapors that are released in space are:

  • Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA),
  • Lithium, and
  • Barium.

Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA)

Tri-methyl aluminum reacts with oxygen and produces chemi-luminescence when exposed to the atmosphere. The products of the reaction are aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor, which also occur naturally in the atmosphere. TMA releases are most often used to study the neutral winds in the lower ionosphere at night at altitudes of 100 miles (160 kilometers) or less.

Daytime lithium trail

Image of a daytime lithium trail near 68 miles/110 kilometers altitude from a sounding rocket launched from Wallops Island, Virginia, in July 2013.

Credits: NASA


Lithium vapor is also used to study neutral winds in the upper atmosphere. Lithium gas has an unusually bright narrow-band emission at 670.7 nanometers, a wavelength in the infrared range, which enables it to be visible in the daytime with cameras with infrared filters. In fact, Lithium is the only vapor that can be imaged during the day and is also one of the few vapors that can be used at high altitudes (> 124 miles or 200 kilometers) at night. At night, its color is bright red.

Barium trail

The cloud in the upper left hand part of the image is due to a barium release. The purple-red part is the ionized component which has become elongated along the Earth’s magnetic field lines. The purple-blue cloud that surrounds the red ionized barium is a combination of the neutral barium and strontium. The blue and white trail in the lower portion of the image is from a TMA vapor trail that reveals the neutral wind trails as a function of altitude.

Credits: NASA

Barium Barium is used to study the motion of both ions and neutrals in space. A fraction of a barium cloud ionizes quickly when exposed to sunlight and has a purple-red color. Its motions can be used to track the motion of the charged particles in the ionosphere. The remainder of the barium release is neutral, having a different color, and can be used to track the motion of the neutral particles in the upper atmosphere. A small quantity of strontium or lithium is sometimes added to the barium mixture to enhance the neutral barium emissions, making it easier to track the neutral cloud.  Since the observer must be in darkness while the barium cloud is in sunlight, the technique is limited to local time observations near sunset or sunris

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  • Carly

    Lmao yet another example of extremist republicans waiting for the narrative to work in their favor😂

    Throwback to prepandemic when libs were trying to tell people this and all the far right extremists were giving them shit cause it supported their global warming theories. I swear right wing extremists like you end up being closer to a liberal than a sane conservative. But whatever fits the narrative, right?

    • blondiepie

      LMAO yet another Liberal from Facebook, I’m thinking you might just be the idiot that reports me from The Post Star, you got issues, you really don’t understand how the world works do you? Can you tell me what Plants, trees fruit, flowers grow on besides water and sun? When you come back and answer that, maybe we can move on from there. Okay? Unless you answer this simple question I will just start denying your comments, I don’t know if you understand how websites work, but your comment to show up on my website I have to approve it. So every time you comment, I allow you’re dumbness to show up in my comments. But if you can’t answer my question, you will be coming her typing for nothing, now what do plants thrive on?

      I also Advise you to do some research, Start with .gov and geo-engineering. Would you like some pictures of the inside of the plane where they load the chemtrails up for spraying. Your problem is you don’t believe your eyes or ears, you don’t even believe government documents, or government websites that actually tell you what is in those chemtrails, mainly barium and Aluminum. But you just look stupid when you come to someone’s website to post a denial when there’s SO MUCH EVIDENCE you just refuse.

      But you definitely have clear issues, real problems.

  • Carly

    Okay miss dictator, I will answer your question to insure your blog allows ‘free speech’. I think we all learn in maybe 4th grade about LAWN – plants require land, air, water, and nutrients. Though the way you worded your question twice, I am assuming you were trying to ask what else is required for photosynthesis, which is carbon dioxide.

    I am curious though, as someone who grew up on a cattle and soy farm, do you know anything about how the food you eat gets to your table? Are you capable of moving a heard of cattle? Can you safely move a bull? Can you quickly and as painlessly as possible, slaughter cattle, bleed, gut, skin, and butcher the cattle to have each precise cut of meat? Or do you, an extremist republican who is against opening our borders, simply buy your meat at the supermarket, where nearly all parts of process and production are heavily realiant on immigrant workers? Do you further support the lefts ability to push the what they consider the needs of immigrants in this country?

    I fail to see where I disagree that chem trails are real. I was simply pointing out that the extreme right laughed at the far left calling them hippies for speaking on chem trails, only to then say they are real when they fit their agenda. I fully know chem trails are real, after I looked into them when the libs started talking about it. Just because people we don’t agree with discover something, doesn’t mean it can’t be accurate. That’s how you look at things from all angles. As the self proclaimed journalist you are, I advise you read what people are saying to you before responding so emotionally.

    You sure post a lot to “spread the truth” but I have yet to see a single thing from you about what people should do about it. Not a single recommendation to write to your representatives, and nothing about the little changes you can make, to see big results in the things you’re unhappy with in this country.

    • blondiepie

      Well, I owned and trained my own horses, could I move cattle? Probably back when I was young, if I had to kill a cow to survive, pretty sure I could do it. I didn’t grow up in some city. I’m getting old, have lot’s of problems physically, but even now if it came to survival I think I’d be fine.

      There’s lots of people writing their congressman, you don’t feel it happening? Republicans, in case you’re not paying attention are the only people coming up with answers, you’re just lost in lies, you’re frustrated because you think nothing is happening and nobody has answers. Desantis, Jim Jordan, Trump, many Republicans are fighting.

      The answer is to rid us of United Nations, NATO, WHO, all globalists scum, the CRT shit in our schools, close the border, rid us of cartels selling everything illegal, using illegals. It’s not rocket science how to fix it. Companies either stay out of politics make laws no more lobbyist, no more corporate money in politics, non profits also have big issues. That’s why they hate Trump, he knows it all, how they do it, evidence they do it, yet you come here, bitching and complaining about my posts? What do you do? You can’t even see the hypocrisy in what you say.