Bio Weapons Labs – Blood serum from Ukrainian

A Blood serum from Ukrainian
Bio Weapons Laboratories was discovered being imported by the Victorian Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Melbourne.

⚠️Classified documents obtained by the Russian military clearly reveal a paper trail connecting the Doherty Institute in Australia and Ukrainian Bio Laboratories.

In a search for further information in regards to this, I did find this site, it’s worth looking at. I haven’t yet, but I will later today. Looks like lot’s of PDF documents.

Here are their highlights


► To describe levels of PFCs in serum among Inuits from Greenland. ► To describe levels among inhabitants from Warsaw, Poland and Kharkiv, Ukraine. ► To define social- and lifestyle related determinants of exposure. ► Levels of PFCs in the serum of Inuits on Greenland were among the highest described. ► Determinants for PFOS on Greenland were seafood and tea intake, age and area of living.

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❗️In order to accuse the Russian Federation of a war crime, the Kiev regime is preparing a bloody provocation with the death of its own civilians.

◽️On 24 October 2022, in the city of Volchansk (Kharkov region), when the citizens will be receiving food aid, the crowded areas will be shelled by a foreign mercenaries unit’s artillery guns.

◽️The terror attack is plotted by the Kiev regime to discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and accuse Russia of killing the civilians.

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