Bill to Ban LGBT Propaganda Submitted to the Russian State Duma

bill to ban LGBT propaganda

The main points of the bill to ban LGBT propaganda submitted to the Russian State Duma:

▪️Fine for LGBT propaganda among adults will be up to 4 million rubles, among minors – up to 5 million.
▪️Foreigners will be expelled from Russia for promoting LGBT and pedophilia.
▪️For the promotion of gender reassignment among children online, a fine of up to 4 million rubles is provided. It is also possible punishment in the form of arrest for up to 15 days.
▪️The largest fine – up to 10 million rubles – threatens to promote pedophilia on the Internet.
▪️On paid services, restrictions on access to LGBT information for children will be introduced.
▪️It is forbidden to issue a rental certificate for films containing LGBT propaganda.
▪️It is proposed to introduce a ban on LGBT propaganda in the media and advertising.


According to the draft law, the changes will affect the Internet, mass media, books, audiovisual services, cinematography, and advertising.

The bill extends the list of information prohibited from dissemination among children: the propaganda and demonstration of non-traditional sexual relations and (or) preferences, as well as information which can make children to want to change their sex. The new changes also formally draw a distinction between the notions of “demonstration” and “propaganda.”

The bill mandates a paid subscription and additional security features for access to television and radio content which is banned for children, and labeling of promo material for such content.

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