AOC gets a Verbal Beat down at Speaking Engagement

People, even in NYC and AOC’s district are waking up! They’re sick of Globalist and democrat sellouts.

This is why it had to be this way, so everyone will see just how our government has or has not been working for us.

Nothing effects a liberal like getting a taste of what they’re constantly screaming for. More and more are waking up. I just wish it was a little faster, but our education system did a number on a whole generation and their liberal parents didn’t help their own children. Why they can’t hear and see what we’re headed for is beyond me. Maybe it’s the flu shots and vaccines that’s dumbing them down, along with education and two working parents unable to parent because they’re working all the time, also the family unit is broken, all this is by design.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW if you haven’t seen it yet.