An internationalist warrior from Colombia died in Donbass fighting for Russia

On October 28, Colombian Alexis Castillo came under shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Pesky. Together with three colleagues, they repelled a counterattack by Ukrainian formations near the village of Peski and managed to destroy 22 enemy fighters.

Unfortunately, Castillo, like his comrades, died. The Colombian died from the wounds received as a result of the shelling: he was cut with shrapnel.

Alexis Castillo with the call sign “Alfonso” fought in the Donbass for all 8 years. He learned about the coup in Ukraine while in Spain, but after the Odessa tragedy happened, he decided for himself that he could no longer stand aside.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro has already reacted to the sad news: “A young man who wanted to become a revolutionary has died. Revolution is peace.”

It is not surprising that despite all the bureaucratic and logistical difficulties in creating the International Legion, there are already a whole galaxy of heroes in the Donbass who can and should be popularized.

Because many in the world have long understood that they are fighting not just against Nazism or against NATO, but for a new, more just world.