Admittedly I Hate Rap Music – But I do like this One – Must Watch

I’ll be honest, I can’t stand it, that rap music, you can’t understand a word they say, the beats are enough to drive a person mad, same thing happens to me when I listen to what I call “Monster Music” AKA Heavy Metal” I feel like my brain is twisting and turning and chaos is afoot,

Rap is too loud and honestly, they are slipping beats in their music to effect the way you feel, and believe me the way they want you to feel isn’t good. I was in the music business and we were told about these beats and that we would have to play them in a contract offered to us.

But the reason I like this video is because I can understand every word he says, even without the closed caption. I don’t really like the way the guy looks, all demonic, the beats aren’t that overwhelming either. He also has a message that I can relate to, the rap music, maybe inner city kids can relate, but it’s not good, gangs, guns, sex, and not just sex, demonic sex. It’s the worst music I have ever heard. I hope it fades soon.

Watch Video Below: