11/2/22 – Just Truth Bombs Edition 3 – Shocking

Record loss at the Swiss National Bank!

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is flying from one negative record to the next: after a minus of 32.8 billion in the first quarter and 62.4 billion in the second quarter, another 47.2 billion is added in the third quarter of the year, the SNB calculates. This brings it to a loss of 142.4 billion francs from January to September 2022. This is the largest loss in the SNB’s 115-year history.

This is mainly due to the huge mountain of foreign currencies (especially the weak euro) held by the Swiss National Bank. At the end of the third quarter, foreign currency assets piled up to over 800 billion francs. Such a huge balance sheet can make for huge profits – or, as has been the case this year, a big loss just as quickly.


Read below. Anti-Censorship Tool Kit? WTF? Here we sit, getting our asses censored and they put this out there? I can’t even believe this.

BookRiot, self-described as “the largest independent editorial book site in North America,” offers a “How to Fight Book Bans and Challenges: An Anti-Censorship Tool Kit.” The guide advises how libraries can fight parents’ attempts to remove certain books from their shelves.

BookRiot recommends books as part of its “commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the action steps we’re taking to walk the walk.”


Joe Rogan: They Are Making Republicans

“The Red Wave that’s coming is going to be like the elevator doors opening up in The Shining”

Rumble Refuses To Bend The Knee!! 🔥

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Senator Malcolm Roberts: Why On Earth Does The Government Want To Tax Cow Farts?

Someone in America wants to tax cow farts, I think we know her name. AOC and the squad.

“The government wants to cut red meat production so you’ll have to “eat zee bugs”. Like lots of globalist claims, however, demonizing red meat falls over as soon as you look at the facts.”

Russia To Donate 25,000 Tons Of Wheat to Lebanon

Russia will donate 25,000 tonnes of wheat to crisis-hit Lebanon, the public works minister said on Monday. Russia would also donate 10,000 tonnes of fuel oil to Beirut, minister Ali Hamie told Reuters, without elaborating.

This comes after Moscow announced it was suspending its participation in a vital Black Sea deal that allowed for the movement of Ukrainian grain shipments.

CDC Director Jabbed 5 times got COVID, took Paxlovid tested neg. 10 days later Positive again…HAHAHAHAHA

Report: UK Scientists Created Mutant Covid Strains In ‘High-Risk, Low-Benefit’ Lab Experiments

Hamsters were infected with mutant viruses, blends of the original Wuhan strain and parts of either Omicron or Delta.

Critics of the research, carried out by Imperial College London, called it ‘insanity’ and warned the lab trials could, in theory, unleash a new viral threat. Twenty scientists were involved in the project, including one who sits on the Government’s advisory panel SAGE.


NeverForget What They Did In The Name Of Covid -GUT WRENCHING

There must be accountability, they must pay for everything they did!! 🤬

Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Dutch Government Proposes Monitoring All Transactions Over 100 Euros

This is scary, they are prepping us here in America for the same thing, don’t ever think they’re not. Liberals better wake up…oh but I got nothing to hide…watch video it’s not about hiding it’s about control

‘They will know everything about you through the money that you spend… There’s a presumption of guilt, you are being treated as a criminal’

Indian Government Gives Itself Power Over Social Media Content Moderation

Under the amended rules, which were announced on Friday, a government panel will be formed to hear complaints from users about content moderation decisions by social media platforms. This effectively gives the government control over the content moderation decisions that social media companies make.

India’s Internet Freedom Foundation characterized the proposed panel as “a government censorship body for social media that will make bureaucrats arbiters of our online free speech.”


NeverForget How They Demonized Us The ‘Unvaccinated’ For The Past 2 Years!

There must be accountability!

Eurozone Inflation Hits Record 10,7%, Highest In The History Of The Euro

Energy costs had the highest annual rise in October, at 41.9% from 40.7% in September. Food, alcohol and tobacco prices also went up in the same period, reaching 13.1% from 11.8% in September.

🇪🇺 Eurozone: 10.7%

  1. 🇪🇪 Estonia 22.4%
  2. 🇱🇹 Lithuania 22.0%
  3. 🇱🇻 Latvia 21.8%
  4. 🇳🇱 Netherlands 16.8%
  5. 🇸🇰 Slovakia 14.5%
  6. 🇧🇪 Belgium 13.1%
  7. 🇮🇹 Italy 12.8%
  8. 🇩🇪 Germany 11.6%
  9. 🇦🇹 Austria 11.5%
  10. 🇵🇹 Portugal 10.6%
  11. 🇸🇮 Slovenia 10.3%
  12. 🇬🇷 Greece 9.8%
  13. 🇮🇪 Ireland 9.6%
  14. 🇱🇺 Luxemburg 8.8%
  15. 🇨🇾 Cyprus 8.6%
  16. 🇫🇮 Finland 8.3%
  17. 🇲🇹 Malta 7.5%
  18. 🇪🇸 Spain 7.3%
  19. 🇫🇷 France 7.1%

Read more: Eurostat

Unelected NY Governor Kathy Hochul Claims Republican Crime Concerns Are A ‘Conspiracy’

“They have this conspiracy going all across America trying to convince people that in Democrat states, they’re not as safe. Well, guess what, they’re also not only election deniers. They’re data deniers.

“The data shows that shootings and murders are down in our state by 15% in New York City, down 20% on Long Island, where Lee Zeldin comes from.

“The safer places are the Democratic states.”

Covid Inquiry Demands To See Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp Messages

The inquiry has requested to see the former prime minister and other senior officials’ communications associated with “core-decision making.”

Counsel for the inquiry, Hugo Keith KC, said thousands of documents had been requested to inform the inquiry, and gave the Cabinet Office as an example.

Module two of the inquiry will scrutinise political decisions and actions in relation to the pandemic, covering a period between early January 2020 until February 2022, when the remaining Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.


Russian Foreign Minister: US Interested In Weakening Europe Militarily and De-Industrializing It

“More and more economists not only in Russia, but in the West are arriving at the conclusion that the United States is seeking to totally deplete and de-industrialize Europe’s economy. Germans are relocating a great number of their production lines to the United States with all the consequences for the long-term competitive ability of the European Union that come with that,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted.

“It is also in Washington’s interests to weaken Europe in military terms, to keep it on its toes, to make it flood Ukraine with weapons and replenish weapons arsenals of EU countries with American supplies.”


Major General Smedley D. Butler “Maverick Marine” was a tenacious soldier, the most decorated officer in the history of the U.S. marine corps… and he detested war. The two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposed war profits that benefit the few at the expense of many.

“WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

“To summarize: Three steps must be taken to smash the war racket. 1. We must take the profit out of war. 2. We must permit the youth of the land who would bear arms to decide whether or not there should be war. 3. We must limit our military forces to home defense purposes.”

War Is A Racket

The Atlantic Publishes A Call For Amnesty

The Atlantic Publishes A Call For Amnesty… After Ruining People’s Lives You Don’t Just Get To Say ‘Oops, Sorry’ With No Consequences!!

Now you will start to see many people backpaddling, but #NeverForget how they demonized us the ‘unvaccinated’ for the past 2 years!

There must be accountability!