Your Xmas packages are at risk

It’s that time of year we all get to play Santa to all our friends and relatives including the ones that have moved miles away.  Most of us order our gifts delivered right to their door.  The sender rarely think, will my package be taken right off the doorstep of my moms house?  

Stealing packages from porches is more common then you think.  It’s temptation sitting right there.  What’s your best defense?  Be home when the package is delivered, but let’s face it, we most likely can’t predict delivery date, nor time, so what’s your alternative?  Ask a neighbor, have a locked fence, or just install a camera and hope they catch the guy, but most likely your goods will be held for evidence, if they catch the guy.

I was prompted to write this by a post on facebook.  These are the actual pictures of someone stealing a package from a front porch. 

This is from a FB post, I did not include who posted just the post and pictures.  I hope they find the guy. 

Dear Fine Upstanding Citizen that just stole one of our packages,

Friends- if any of you recognize this guy please let him know the police have his picture.

ETA location: Scotia, New York.


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