We are in The Dog House!

JJ’s Dog House is within walking distance from our home in Marathon Florida.  We feel very comfortable and safe at JJ’s.  The bartenders are always ready with a cookie for my Hansburger, that’s his nickname among others.  (Hans) is our Rough Collie he is so part of our family, and if you love Rough Collies join this group:  I Love Rough Collie Dogs

We always have a great time there, and every time we go to JJ’s we always meet new friends.  Our family is from Upstate NY and we actually met a couple from Cropseville NY, where Scott (see pics below) grew up!  Small world Huh?

We played darts and music on the jukebox.  Fun was had by the whole family and Thanks to the bartender quick on the cookies for Hans, he did too.  He loves to join the fam at JJ’s.

Sometimes I can look like such a goof! And that’s a BOSS CAR on TV!
Scott smoking at the Dog House, Upstate you gotta freeze your ass off to have a cig, we don’t have to go outside and SWEAT our ass off, we like that second hand smoke here in FL.


Trying some vanilla vape. Not bad!
Hans, Hansburger, Hansieschem, Flakes, those a few nicknames for Hans my Rough Collie and Hansom guy. I’m sticking with the Dogs! Haha
Cool ass guy we met last night.
Yup I went there!
Hans with a finger in the way…My mother sucks at taking pics.
Don’t look so excited Scott.
The cops are coming. LOL yup the cops did a walk through, but before they left I made them pet my Hans.
JJ’s makes a mean Jack and Coke. If you live or work in Marathon come to JJ’s and say HI!

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