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Hi everyone, Blondiepie here, I found this app on Goggle Play store a few months back, and I’ve been tracking my periods, and what’s nice is I know exactly when to expect my period, not that I can’t tell by cramps and mood swings, but it’s still nice to know when ovulating.  Below is some content about from their site.  I also found a funny video I’m including below about ovulation for your entertainment.  Yes I can be a character, love me, hate me, I am who I am.   😊😊😊

💖Free, simple & smart Period Calendar Cherry for feminine care, easily track your period and give you the professional health report.
Use Cherry to remind your period, PMS, ovulation and fertility.Take good care of yourself.

Key Features for Period Calendar Cherry
👍Period Tracker & Reminder
👍Daily report for you
👍Menstrual Calendar
👍Speak freely in girls forum
👍Protect your privacy with PIN
👍Fancy Interface & Sweet Care

⏰Period Tracker & Reminder
• Get reminders before your next period time
• Notifications for your period and other important days
• Analyze your current and past cycles with the menstrual tracker

💖Daily report for you
• Record your moods and symptoms to get the daily record card
• Effective suggestions for you to keep your body healthier every day

📅 Menstrual Calendar
• To ensure that the fertility chart is accurate, you need to keep Cherry updated with the latest information about your menstrual cycle.
• Track when your next period is coming
• Helps you to predict menstruation, cycles

🎤Speak freely in girls forum
• Ask questions and discuss with other girls free.
• Subscribe for your interested topic.

🔐Account & Security
•Set a PIN code in personal page to protect your privacy.

😊Fancy Interface & Sweet Care
• Pinky interface to bring you sweet mood and gentle love;
• Cute & sweet reminders to give you care together with gentle love.
• You are less likely to be stuck in embarrassing moments since you now have an intimate reminder

Period Calendar Cherry is a FREE menstrual tracker that helps you track your cycle, period days and keeps a menstrual calendar.

How to Use Period Calendar Cherry
① Open the app and follow the guide to fill out all the information;
② Check your calendar to note down your mood and sex;
③ Go to “Me” page to turn on notifications. Let Cherry keeps you company and provide intimate care.

Download Cherry NOW to feel our care for women’s health.