How a Trump Supporter Got Schooled By a #NeverTrump Supporter

First let me start this by saying this blog was never meant to post political crap, and this really isn’t about politics, but more about how to actually have a conversation with a person without anger, without being mean.  Lets face it we all are capable of calling someone stupid for their views, and walking away without actually saying anything that is of any value.  Or calling over half the nation racist, bigots, Misogynist, which by the way is a fancy word for anti feminist, or making fun of where a someone grew up and if you don’t move out from a rural area and move to the city to get a college education, you’re part of the problem.  His rant went on and on how racist Trump Supporters were, and how people that voted for him decided to willfully overlook his racism.  I’ll be honest with you,  I was very insulted by this one persons post in the Times Union.  Do I need a safe place, or therapy over it.  No.  But I sure as hell wanted to have a conversation with him, since he announced he willfully refused to educate himself about the candidate he was about to go vote for.

I looked into Trump, and the people who have worked for him, the people that still work for him, his track record for fair pay for females against Hillary’s fair pay for women, and well, I’ll let you all do your homework on that one.  I purposely looked up anything Trump has said against any race, and never heard about one statement he has made that was racist.  Sorry his deportation policies don’t count in my book as racist.  Sorry if it was a proven fact that Mexico IS sending us their criminals.  Is Trump crass, has he made crude comments, yes, that also has been proven, with his grab her by the p***y, but lets face it locker room talk to me doesn’t cut it, especially when he was egged on to do so.  I grew up in a construction family.  I’ve heard it before, it didn’t shock me to my core.

But nothing Trump says can change my mind about that thing we all call Hillary, actually her whole family.  They are corrupt to the core.  I don’t even have to go there about the possible Pedophile Ring that she is connected to, to prove a point.  It is proven, she has taken funds from other countries for her campaign, which is against the law.  She has taken back door deals, she has stolen money from Haiti and lined her pockets, and the mere fact that Haiti protested her campaign and their officials have said as much.  Never mind the fact that she has wiki emails connecting shipping their children here and how much each one will cost to do so with someone who has been convicted in a child pedophile ring.  But I digress.  I’m moving on from Hillary.  To get to my point.

My point is, I saw a post in regards to Trump and decided to be a pampas ass and ask if he has read any of Trumps Policies?  He proceeded to ask me if I had read any of his policies.  So I posted what I believed to be a great plan.  His educational program, and why I liked it.  He allowed me to say my say my opinions before he began.  He allowed me to say why I liked it, and go on until I was done.  Then came his response.  He did it logically, while I sat there and read what he had to say.  He gave me a lesson on it, and I have to admit, I might be wrong, I said well lets give it a shot, it might work.  He told me it was tried, and it didn’t work and failed in the past, and that it will take away many programs that are working.  He schooled me in that and did it in a very calm and logical way without trying to make me feel inferior, without trying to make me feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about, even though he was basically showing me I didn’t dig deep enough to be supporting Trumps educational program.  I thanked him for this.

Now did it change my mind about supporting Trump?  No, because I say nothing, and I mean nothing Trump has proven to have done compares to Hillary’s corruption, and yes proven corruption.  But when I voted for Trump I knew walking in that I wouldn’t support everything the man does, and no Trump supporter should.  I am glad he has a website where Americans can go to voice what our opinions are and leave suggestions how we can fix problems, whether he listens to it, and reads it remains to be seen.  I also suggested that my #NeverTrump supporter use the website, after all if he can change something for the good, I’m all for it.

Now I would like to revisit the man who wrote the blog bashing us Trump supporters.  This blog is more for you then anyone I have ever talked to.  Because your refusal to discuss your willful stance on Hillary, and all the corrupt things she has done, right down to when her and Bill left the White House they stole over 200,000 worth of merchandise that was not theirs, super glued keyboards of computers and just wrecked the place.  Very mature, and that is the LEAST of her crimes.  She is wanted for crimes against humanity in other countries, and my biggest wish is she go there to face it.  Why does this man bother me so much?  I have my reasons, his blog being the biggest.  His post that he made a decision he was with her and admitted he WILLFULLY refused to read what she has done.  Then proceeded to call us many names, that just doesn’t fit us.  I then tried to have a conversation with this man that posted in a public news paper from our region and they actually allowed it, when all it did was spew a whole lot of hate.  It solved NOTHING, and divided us further.  I tried to have a conversation with this man, and he came to my wall made a comment to try to make me feel inferior to him, and proceeded to post a GIF of someone eating popcorn.  Way to be intelligent, and to be honest with you, it still bothers me. I even tried just yesterday, and was left feeling threatened.  It was then that I realized this man did not want to know, will never want to know what his candidate was, or stood by.  I would like to hear one story about how that thing changed anyone’s life for the better because Trump has many stories from people who he has left feeling better about life.

I don’t know if this man will read this, if I know anything its, I highly doubt he will.  But I’m going to leave you with snap shots of some of our conversation, and how real people have a conversation.  How I want to know the opinions of others, and how most people do want to know.  How you can learn from listening, from reading, from doing research, which obviously I lacked in those duties on Trumps educational policies.  I’m hoping he tweaks it, and makes it better.  I’m hoping that it works.  But again based on the conversation, I’m probably wrong.

FYI I asked permission of Lee Pons if it was okay that I post our conversation before I just decided to post our conversation.  He had no problem with it, and I am glad to know him.  We were on opposing ends of the election.  But I will be seeking his council on other policies just in case I can learn more.   Which I do love to evolve and learn.

I’m sure that Lee will not agree with some of what I have said in this blog about Trump, which is fine I can live with it.  The Point of this blog is that if you educate yourself instead of screaming insults, and instead of staying in the dark, and boasting about the fact that you willfully are “with someone” without consideration of just how corrupt the thing is, and then go to a public newspaper and announce just that, and proceed to lump us all into one big hate filled rant, it sticks in my claw.  If any person actually looked and read the corruption she has done, and has been proven to be true by email exchanges of the corruption, no reasonable person could want her as president, and it never occurred to this man that people were voting against that corruption, and maybe some voted for Trump, just because of Hillary and her damned track record that was willfully ignored.

I would like to say one more thing, it is my opinion this man avoided having a real conversation with me because he knew he willfully left himself in the dark, which to me meant there was no way he could hold his own in a conversation with me.  Just as I couldn’t defend myself and my belief in Trumps educational program when I got Schooled by a #NEVERTRUMP supporter.  Thanks Lee, I’ll be chatting with you in the future.

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