The Know it All


Just answer the Where is Blondiepie correctly and you win a round trip ticket all expenses paid to The Know it All page.  See below of an example of a mention on The Know it All vacation trip. 

This is our first Know it All, Bonnie Krasher. 


Bonnie’s friends tell us she has been a Know it All from way back.  She answered Where’s Blondiepie’s first location.  Duffy’s Tavern in Lake George.  To the people who live in the Adirondacks it was an easy one.  Everyone knows Buster from Duffy’s.  He just that personable.  Oh and Bonnie loves to watch hamsters run on a wheel.  We hear she watches all day.  She is even so much of a Know it All she hooked a little light to that wheel and she reads mystery novels at night, and it works out perfectly since hamsters are nocturnal.