Save Money, Cut the Cord on Cable TV

Save Money, Cut the Cord on Cable TV

Expert Author Lewis Matthews

Looking for additional ways to save money in 2019?
“Cutting the cord” on your cable or satellite TV service can save you big money. Your Cable bill is the one “utility” that you can live without! Whether you go with an Over-the-air TV Antenna, or the wide variety of services for Streaming TV and Movie content (or both), good alternatives to cable TV are widely available.

Why I like Antenna TV
TV antennas provide the best “bang for your buck”. Once you’ve purchased and installed your antenna, all of the entertainment it provides is completely free! I save $85 per month* since cutting my cable TV! Your monthly savings could be as much as what you’d save on electricity if you spent thousands of dollars to purchase PV Solar Panels on your roof!

*Your savings will vary based on your current Cable TV or Satellite monthly rate.

Many OTA broadcasts during prime-time hours are in uncompressed High Definition (HD). This means it’ll look better than what you are used to seeing from your cable company. It’s all about your proximity to terrestrial broadcast towers. An over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV antenna can connect you to local network affiliates like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS and quite a few Spanish-language networks for news and national programming. Other content includes live sports coverage of College Football, NFL Football, Featured MLB games, Golf and more like the Olympic Games.  TikiLive , A live solution to your cable bill, 3 packages to choose from, suggests this if you like to receive your local channels for news.

Streaming TV – Lots of choices
Whether you are watching free TV on the internet through network websites, watching YouTube video or streaming to your TV through an internet connected device you have lots on-demand content options. Subscription based content from Amazon, Netflix and Hulu TikiLive is becoming more and more compelling as these companies compete to broaden their offerings. Pay-as-you-go streaming and downloads from Amazon and iTunes give you options for TV and Movies with no long-term commitment. All of these require high-speed internet access.

Streaming Devices
Many of the latest Hisense TVs and Blu-ray disc players are network enabled and support streaming content out of the box, like TikiLive . a growing number of affordable set-top box devices provide access to different streaming content. We like the Roku boxes for their price and access to lots of “Channels” of streaming content, also TikiLive is on Roku and Amazon FireSticks!  The Apple TV is also affordable with a simple interface to iTunes and Netflix streaming content and more. Do your homework and shop around, this is a competitive new consumer electronics category!

Streaming on the Go
These days we tend to be digesting more entertainment content on our phones, laptops and tablet computers. One of our favorite new devices for enjoying streaming video content is the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. At $199 is a great value.

You have options. You can take control and save a lot of money while still enjoying great TV and Movie content.

Lewis Matthews is passionate about technology and sustainability. He likes to build things, fix things, and take things apart to see how they work. Learn more about Antenna TV and Streaming to TV hardware for your home.

Blondiepie subscribes to TikiLive and found their Live Streaming Service to be second to none, and their customer service is spot on.  I’m computer Illiterate unless it’s facebook or Tinder, I know nothing, I had a little trouble filling out the registration form, only by my own stupidity, but I called their customer service, got a live body right away and he helped me through the process of registering, and even had a chit chat about our day, yes it was short chat but it was a brighten my day chat.  So if you’re looking for an alternative to your cable there are 3 packages to choose from:   Free, which it is, what it is, but it’s to test drive sound and sight quality, which is HDTV clear!  Then there is a basic which has your ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and many others like MTV, ESPN, etc. and a Premium Package which includes HBO, SHOWTIME AND CINEMAX!   So Join us at TIKILIVE! and cut the cord!

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