Ocean Wave Renewable Energy Generation and Danger to Sea Life Solved

Expert Author Lance Winslow

Many environmentalists know that wind generators kill migratory birds in the hundreds each year. And yet most have kept quiet due to the trade offs of renewable non-polluting energies. One Online Think Tank has come up with many possible solutions to prevent bird strikes on Wind Generators as to alleviate this problem. In fact as this challenge becomes more widely known, folks are demanding that the issue be solved.

Now then this brings us to another issue. Since water is 750 more dense than air, it makes sense to harvest the ocean’s energy by collecting the kinetic energy of the waves. We all know that the waves never stop and have been going on for millions if not billions of years now and at least as many more in the future. What a perfect opportunity to create and capture this energy for human civilizations? But what about the sea life getting caught up in such renewable energy generation infrastructures?

Well it just so happens that one Online Think Tank has taken on this challenge and it appears that the problem maybe easily solvable. But even if it wasn’t so easy to solve, the Sea Life will be actually better served with this type of energy generation system than all the pollution run-off that would kill create larger dead zones from air pollution causing acid rain and the run off hitting the sea as it makes its way back to the ocean?

So the trade off is not significant and from the drawings of one of the more popular ocean generating wave designs by Fieldstone Energy ( http://www.fieldstoneenergy.com ) the Online Think Tank does not see the problem, it seems to be safer than the inlets and cooling systems now used for other plants? I certainly hope this article will help propel thought in 2007.

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