No Doctor, ear infection, our adventure

Christopher developed an ear infection Christmas eve.  We gave him Tylenol and hoped it wasn’t an infection.  He woke up the next day a low grade fever, so we gave him more tylenol, and since the pain really wasn’t that bad we decided to wait, as we have no insurance and taking him to the hospital would be just to costly.

Christopher arrived here in August and we hadn’t had any medical issues, and so we hadn’t chosen a doctor, nor have we signed up for insurance in the state of FL yet.  So there was our dilemma.  We promptly search the area for walk in’s.  I found 2 suitable and called, first one said that the Doctor was busy and maybe after 2pm.  I called the other option Children’s Clinic, it is very close to where we live and know exactly where it is.  So I called them.

The Doctor answered the phone, he was on vacation for the next week!  Oh No!  But he was willing to meet us in of all things a parking lot, he told me he does this sometimes for locals in the area he lives in, which took us over 2 hours to get there, we were stuck in traffic for over an hour!  That is one thing about living in the keys, there is one way in and one way out, and right now it’s tourist season!  We love the Tourists here, but man when we got to get somewhere it’s not easy.  Anyway why am I complaining, our trip was beautiful, not like getting stuck in traffic on a major highway or in the city, the beauty down here makes every trip worth it.  

I’m writing this to say Thank You, Doctor Michael Hernandez for being there, calling in the prescription to publix which he said would be free of costs.  He gave us a break on the office visit too!  75.00, where can you go for 75.00 and free meds, and what doctor takes the time to meet you while on vacation!  Dr. Michael Hernandez that’s who.  He will now be Christopher’s new physician.

Take a look below of our wonderful trip to visit the Doc.  What the heck do I have to complain about with a view like this?

Poor, poor Christopher.
We yell out the window at people fishing off the bridge, “GET OUT OF THERE” Just for laughs and giggles.

The sailboats can now pass.

Oh by the way this trip will forever be “The Ear Ride Trip” and every one of the pictures here downloaded and labeled as “ear ride 1, ear ride 2 etc. THE EAR RIDE 

The sailboats can now pass
Proof it rains in the Keys, not for long, but this is actual proof it does. A split second later it was sunny again.

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My ear, my ear!

Shhhh, be very, very quiet, I’m hunting Zebra.

Christopher gets a Pinata from TikiLive

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