Need Sunglasses in The Florida Keys (Paradise)


I am Blondiepie, I work and play in the Florida Keys. I would like you to join me in the fun. Let’s chat about movies, fashion, pets, kids, relationships, partying, you know, life.

Halloween in the Keys. Poison Ivy

I love to make art and create things. I’m single and ready to party. I moved to Marathon Florida in September and loving the weather, the ocean, and Key West. I will be sharing my life with you, and will clue everybody in why I moved from Upstate NY to the Keys in later blogs, but for now I am going to share a few pictures with you and my new life in the KEYS BABY!

Limo ride to the Keys
Hot Limo Ride to the Keys
At the Hurricane in Marathon
Outside The Steak and Lobster, YUM
Meeting New People.
At the Sunset Grill. Yup there’s a song for them.
Sunset Grill Sign
Morning Sun Rise

So this is my life now, and I will be sharing lots with all of you. Keep coming back and visit my site. ROCK ON PEOPLE