Where to Meet Good Men

Expert Author Gill Crowley

When you are looking for love it can be very difficult knowing how to go about it and where to meet good men. Although there are men around you everywhere, the vast majority of them will be unsuitable in some way, either because they are already attached or because they have absolutely nothing in common with you whatsoever.

So where do you go to meet good men who are on the same wavelength as you and share some of the same interests?

Here is my Top 10 List of where to meet good men.

Sports matches. Whatever sport takes your fancy, whether it is football, baseball, cricket, rugby, tennis or even martial arts, there is very likely to be an abundance of men there and a high percentage of them are likely to be single. If you share their love of the sport you immediately have something in common which is a great starting point for a conversation and a possible lasting relationship.

Live music venues. Musicians and bands that play live usually have a following of dedicated fans and hangers-on. The band members themselves might be pretty fit, so check them out too. A good crowd of fellow fun-loving music-lovers are likely to be at the venues who also share a love of the same type of music as you, so you have an immediate starting point.

Car/motorcycle events. Men love anything on wheels, so if there is any sort of event in your area, get yourself down there. It could be anything from a classic car show to motorcycle racing to an autojumble. They will be standing around admiring the machinery, so find an excuse to get chatting.

Theater/drama groups. If you are looking for an artistic, outgoing type of man, this could be the place to meet him. Join a local group and you will get the opportunity to be working in close proximity to all sorts of people, one of whom could become your future partner. You will always have a shared interest in doing something that you both love and enjoy.

Blood Drives. This sounds a bit sinister, but what better man to meet than someone who cares enough to give up his time and body fluids to help others? After you’ve given your blood, it will be quite easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow donor over a cup of tea and biscuits. If you don’t happen to meet anyone very interesting, at least you will feel good about yourself for doing something positive to save lives.

Business conferences/seminars. These sort of events are usually filled with smart, ambitious men who could be potential partner material. So if you’re looking to boost your career or start a new one, attending such a meeting could be interesting and fruitful in all areas. Striking up a conversation is relatively easy as most people attending will have similar career interests. Beware though that often a business conference is an opportunity for certain men to get away from home to have an extra-marital fling, so check that he is available before you jump in with both feet.

Pubs and bars. Avoid the trendy night spot type of place. Instead head for a traditional type pub where there will be lots of men playing pool or darts or watching football on a TV screen. You could challenge one to a game or cheer on their team. This is a great place to meet a nice, regular, laid-back kind of guy.

Walking the dog in the park. Try and walk your dog at the same time in the same place every day. There is a strong possibility that you will come across fellow dog-walkers who have the same routine. Men are creatures of habit, so if you spot someone you fancy, strike up a conversation with him. After that you may see him every day, so a friendship could easily develop.

Volunteering/Charity work. Involving yourself in community work of any kind is likely to bring you into contact with other caring, considerate people, many if whom will be men. It will be quite easy to become friendly with a nice guy who could be partner material.

Hardware or Technical stores. These places are typically male domains. Play the helpless female and ask for advice. They will love to show off their knowledge. Obviously they won’t all be available, but chances are that there will be some who will fit the bill, so think up some chat-up lines.

If you want to know where to meet good men, the answer is just about anywhere, but I have highlighted my top 10 places to seek them out. Wherever you go, always be ready with a smile and watch out for opportunities to start up a conversation. You will soon have good men falling at your feet.

I have 20 years in the dating industry having set up and run my own dating agency in my local area. I am now concentrating on writing and am committed to helping women achieve success in the dating game. I have written a number of eBooks which you can view on my website including my latest one “The Lost Art of Offline Dating. How to Find Love with a Real Man in the Real World.”

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