How to Make Your Man Desire You

So you have been in a relationship for a long time and the passion has cooled down. He no longer looks at you with eyes filled with lust and desire. Your guy would rather sit on the couch with a beer and watch sports than spend a romantic evening with you. Does this sound like your current relationship? If it does, here are some tips on how to make him think about you the way he did when you first met each other.

The first thing you need to realize is that men are generally shallow by nature. Whether they admit it to you or not, your looks are very important to him. A man not only wants to be with a sexy looking woman, he wants other people to see him with a sexy woman. So stroke his ego and make sure you always look your best when you are in public or when the two of you are with friends. If he sees that other men think you are hot, this in turn will make him want you more.

It is important for you to have your own life and hang out with your own friends. If you are always hanging around your man and clinging to him, he will probably start to take you for granted. This could lead to him becoming indifferent about the relationship. He needs his own space as well, so if you are always around, he may resent it and start to pull away.

The key is to make him miss you enough so he really appreciates the time you spend together. Make his interests your own. For example, most men love sports and most women do not. If your man is a sports fanatic, start to watch the games with him and learn the player’s names. Even if sports bore you, really make an effort to become knowledgeable about whatever sports he likes best. Watch the games with him and discuss them afterwards. Your man will be very impressed to have a girl who knows about sports. It will be a huge turn-on for him.

Men love public displays of affection. They want to feel loved and desired as much as you do. However, men also like to show off. They get a thrill out of showing other guys what they are getting. So the next time you and your guy are in the midst of a large crowd, surprise him with a deep kiss. He will definitely appreciate it.

Spice up your sex life. Do not let your man get bored in bed. Always keep things new, fresh and interesting. If you always do the same predictable things in bed, you will see your man’s sexual desire become less and less. Don’t make sex seem like a chore. Find out what his fantasy is and do your best to make it come true. If you keep your man happy and satisfied sexually, he will treat you like a queen.




Every relationship gets a little stale eventually. Follow these steps and you will find that your man will pay more attention to you than he has in a long time.

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