Let’s start a Social Beach Day in the Keys – Get to know our neighbors!

We who live in Key West get bored, we all know we do.  Some of us who are dating never know what to do or where to go sometimes.  Beach date is always nice, but you can only do that so much before swimming and tanning becomes boring too.  To people who don’t live in the nice weather might find that hard to believe, going to the beach wears thin after a while.  But if you bring friends, a little alcohol a cooker and some awesome games and toys, you’re having fun over and over again.

Beaches around Key West should have MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS DAY once a month, and you must bring something with you to do, and one food item and BYOB, kinda like an ice cream social only on the beach.  That sounds grand, it really does.  Getting to know your neighbors is a really good thing, and it doesn’t always have to be at the bar.
Maybe all of us reading this can suggest or help get this done.  One beach in each town once a month for 4 months out of the year, maybe on off season after the tourists leave. My step father can bring the entertainment, he’s a multi-musician. I’ll leave a video here to prove it! Hope you’ll watch!

I have also compiled a few beach idea’s below.  Ordering from my blog, and lets face it most of us in the keys order on line, helps keep my blog up and running.  I think I might save up and order the floating cooler float.

Flying a Kite

Playing beach games

Anchor down with some friends, hang out get a tan, floats with coolers? Oh my!

After the Beach there is aways the Marathon Cinema I’ve been there twice.  If you don’t know by now I’m from Upstate NY and we don’t beer or wine in ANY cinema’s, so that’s pretty cool.

I went and saw Aquaman, it was a really good movie, I recommend it!

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