How to love a perfect mate – Written by Blondiepie

Call me old fashion, I believe the man should woo the woman, not the other way around.  This is where it went wrong, they have turned the tables and it sucks.  I’m the type of girl that believes if you want to date me, you woo me, no I’m not saying you need to spend money, or buy me things, I’m saying you need to make me feel safe, you need to make me feel like you want me and only me.  Yeah I know it might sound like it’s a bit much for the start of a relationship that you’re just starting to feel each other out, but…. When i date i do so exclusively….so for me to date you means, I might want to build a relationship with you, I DON’T need 2 be called crazy in a world that is insane what do you expect?…people can judge me all they want, but I know… I am worth every bit of effort and any women who is strong, loving,faithful and compassionate deserves effort….sorry if i cant get a hold of you all day…I wont settle for bs.

With that being said, I know that I have trust issues, I know I can be demanding, I know I have some anger inside due to the past, a past I can’t talk about right now due to court issues, possibly when it’s all over I can talk about it, but that is for another day.

Men these days find it easy to get laid, they don’t want to put in the time to make a relationship happen because they don’t need you….things get sticky they have someone right there waiting to give it up so easily and now you don’t even need to leave your house.  I actually feel sorry for those women and the men who believe women can be called crazy and cast aside when it takes effort.  I moved to the Keys from a bad marriage and I felt I had to escape to save myself.  I didn’t know what the Keys would be like, It’s beautiful down here.  People are nice enough, but I’ve had conversations with lots of people down here and well, I’m told that men take their turns, I’m sure you can figure that one out for very cautious when dating in the have 2 make sure its worth it.

So bottom line, men can suck these days, honestly I believe we have only ourselves to blame,not everyone is a slut willing to settle. I’m am only willing to settle for a man who respects me and makes me feel like I am in a solid relationship. Yeah, I might be tough to handle in the beginning, but if you make me feel like I’m the only one..maybe I would not feel like the ship is sinking. I’m sure other women can agree with me on that one.  Yeah it might take you a while to get me to feel secure enough with you, men… need to put in a little work for the right one and if you can’t do that, your not ready for any relationship and you should stick to the females that allow you to roll over them so easily. If you do sleep around…protect yourself and Make sure the other person is aware or your intent. I’m not perfect, and there will be things you have to put up with about me, just as I’ll have to put up with things about you, but if you make me feel like I’m the only one, put in the time, you might wind up with the perfect mate.  I’m writing this for every woman that is being used or has been used…your scars are real dont let them make you seem crazy…. just for wanting something better then what is out there. No expectations means you don’t get hurt….that meme is bullshit…be the bar for a higher level of expectation. I hope that all of you will be strong and not allow a man to bring you down just because they have a belief  that females allow themselves to be used. I’m not trying to bring down people but You all should get to know the person…maybe we can relate to others if we take the time to look up from the phone. we are more willing then ever to give away the milk away for free…..  We all have issues and have been hurt by the bad intentions of others…so why dont we start a movement of honesty….I dare all of you to come clean about your secrets and let the karma come to you, AND GIVE SOME WONDERFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE THE CHANCE TO SEE OTHER WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

Open my door, touch me with tenderness, take my shit the way I take yours….don’t give up on someone GO EASY….you might get the love you have always wanted. if you’re looking for a real relationship you want that person to be your better half, not just put up with your habits, but will try to lift you up to change together. Don’t get me wrong, we need to love each other for who they are, but your better half tries to better you, they are the compliment to your other half. If you love someone you really shouldn’t just let them go…they will not return 2 u….that is BS.  I have left relationships because of the habits of other people that affected my life. I am honestly glad they did not  fight for me….its because there thoughts about me were as temporary as there feelings…they all let me go…..I will wait for someone who can complete me in ways no one on the earth ever will…you cant get that just anywhere.

So what am I saying here?  I’m not going to settle and why should anyone!  I hope you don’t settle either, know your worth, know if someone wants you enough they’ll put up with your bullshit, your insecurities and all and try to work on making you feel secure, and once the relationship is into the secure stage keep wooing her, make her the only one, we have deeper feelings then men, we need different things then a man, and if the man can’t put in the effort they are not worth the time.

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