Grandma Blondiepie, what kids are asking for for Xmas.

This is what my Grandson wants. Christopher He insisted I use this picture that he made himself on a phone app.  He is always on his phone either Youtube or games.  He’d love this! 

Christopher, which we also call Christopher Crumb, because he likes to eat in his room and leave crumbs everywhere.  But when he is in his room he is always playing on mom’s computer or his small phone.  He really wants a tablet. and a tablet he shall get.

Next up my other Grandson Justin, we call him Hooney.    He really, rally wants Loki.  I think I’ll also send him Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Rocket Raccoon & Groot also.  I watch that show and I loved it.  Not many kid show’s I like, but that one was really good.



Next up is the baby Hooney is holding, his name is Alan, which is really cool because his mom’s name is Lana and if you take the A at the end of Lana and move it to the front it spells Alan.  Pretty cool Huh?

Alan has grown since that pic was taken he is now walking around getting into things.  I’m in Florida, they’re in NY so I don’t get to hold and love him like I want to so I’m shopping for something special for that little boy.

  Next up is Patricia, we like to call her Patty.  She also lives in Upstate NY and I haven’t held or kissed her yet either.  (Put sad emoji here)……

Keep an Eye out for my page Grandma’s Shopping Picks.  It won’t just be for children.  I will be including my buy of the day in a daily post, and I will also be adding products to my page.  I haven’t created it yet, but I will shortly.  It will be everything a parent or grandparent might need or want.  Please register to this BlondiepieRadio and come by often for daily updates.  And thank you for allowing me to share my family with you.  My daughter is Blondiepie, and we are both a little crazy.  This is a fun site, and hopefully we won’t get to serious on here.  Lets have fun together, shall we?