Funny Christmas Joke played on my Parents Last Year involving a Monkey and Omaha Steaks

So here’s the scoop and boy did this joke make me laugh for a week, I even woke up at night laughing about it.  I asked my step mom via FB messager what their address is, as when I was a kid it was a simple RD#1 address, and now they have a house number, I was actually sending them Omaha Steak Package.  anyways my stepmom, Sheila asked what I was sending, at first I told her she would have to wait.  I then devised my plan.

I told her I was sending them a baby monkey, yup a real live baby monkey.  I told her that many elderly people use them to help with chores around the house.  I sent her a video from youtube of a monkey at the airport.  At the end of writing this, I’ll see if I can find the videos I mentioned here, as it was a year ago.

So Sheila said no way, do not send a monkey, she said, “your father said no damned monkey”.  I told her to ask my dad what happened when I wanted horses.  Hahaha that is a childhood story and actually my then sister in law got more horses later, again another story.  But needless to say they believed me.  I kept sending her videos on how to feed and diaper the baby monkey.  Oh boy were they worried about receiving a live baby monkey.

My joke had my now sister in law rolling on the floor, my husband and myself.  I found a few videos.  Needless to say, after she watched a few she called me on the phone, she said “DO NOT SEND US A MONKEY!”  I was laughing so hard I could hardly keep up the rouse until they received the package.  I told her it’s too late and it is on an airplane to Albany NY and I can’t stop it now.  I could hardly get it out of my mouth from laughter.

It took about a week because I didn’t order it right away.  Omaha delivers in 3 days.  They were great and prompt.  Upon delivery she messaged me and said, “I received the monkey you sent, I brought it in and promptly set the oven at 350 degrees and ate him, he was very sweet and tart, she was talking about the apple tartlets that came with the package I sent., Inc.

If you want to send your parents a great gift.  Omaha Steaks is the way to go, and you can also steal my joke if you want.  I wish I could fool them again with another delivery joke, because they are getting the same package this year.  My brain is spinning right now as I type this.

I sent Sheila this video:

And This Video:, Inc.