Blue Screen of Death – How To Remove the Blue Screen Error Forever

Expert Author Mars Wade

Are you getting the infamous blue screen of death? It is unlucky to deal with this annoying problem. It seems to come out of nowhere without any signs. If you are working on something important, the information could be just lost for good. It is really a pain in the neck.

The blue screen of death is caused by some serious problems which your Windows system cannot get over. To prevent further damage and protect the system, it has to reboot by itself. But what are the serious problems that cause the blue screen of death? Here are the main causes of it:

1. Hardware Overheating.
2. Program Errors.
3. Registry Errors.

If the blue screen of death is caused by hardware overheating, a simple computer reboot would restore your computer. This problem only happens when your computer is overheating or running for a long time. I suggest you give a break to your computer.

If recently you installed or uninstalled program from your computer and your computer worked correctly before, nine out of ten it was the program that caused the error. If you get this type of problem, the problem would happen again and again. To resolve it, you can try to reinstall or uninstall the program from your computer.

If you never install or uninstall a program on your computer lately, it must be the registry error that caused the problem. Over 80 % blue screen of death can be attributed to all kinds of registry errors. If you get a registry error, the problem would happen once in a while. Fixing the registry errors is the only way to resolve the annoying problem permanently.

You should do a full registry scan with your registry cleaner and repair the corrupt, damaged and missing registry entries.

If you do not have a registry cleaner. You can click here to use Advanced PC Tweaker to help you scan your registry thoroughly and repair all the faulty entries to get rid of the problem for good. And you can click here to visit my website to learn the effective way to fix Blue Screen error!

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