God Vs The Big Bang

God Vs the Big Bang

Posted by Blondiepie – 12/18/2018 It’s getting closer to Christmas and in this day and time I believe we have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. But the argument is the big bang vs God theory. Okay let’s break this down. Let’s first start with God. What do we know about God, most of us know God from the Bible or being forced to go to a church. Some of us know God by the inner feeling of him being there, of a force that you can feel, can’t touch but can feel in everyday life. Some have even left this earth and gone to heaven, some to hell. It’s funny that some people believe in Demons but not in God. How can that possibly be? But let’s move on. I’m going to supply some proof of somethings in the bible that confirms certain things happened, when done, we’ll move on to the other side of the argument.


  THE CHARIOT WHEELS We will begin with the chariot wheels that Ron and the boys found in the Gulf of Aqaba. In 1978, on their first dive at the site, they found these chariot remains. Like Noah’s Ark, these were not in perfect condition and required careful examination to see exactly what they were. They were covered in coral, which made it difficult to see them clearly, but it appears that the coral was the agent the Lord used to preserve them. They found numerous wheels- some were still on their axles, and some were off. They found chariot cabs without the wheels, also: EXO 14:24 …in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, 25 And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily:… So far, this coincided with the Biblical account. They found several 6-spoked wheels, as well as an 8-spoked wheel. And finally, in 1988, Ron found the 4-spoked gold chariot wheel, which looks almost perfect. The reason this one was so well preserved is that coral does not grow on gold. The wood inside the gold “veneer” was deteriorated, which made it very fragile and for that reason, he has not attempted to retrieve it from the water. The significance of these wheels is of extreme importance to the dating of the Exodus and determining which dynasty was involved. Back in the late 70’s, Ron actually retrieved a hub of a wheel which had the remains of 8 spokes radiating outward from it. He took this to Cairo, to the office of Nassif Mohammed Hassan, the director of Antiquities whom Ron had been working with. Mr. Hassan examined it and immediately pronounced it to be of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. When Ron asked him how he knew this so readily, Mr. Hassan explained that the 8-spoked wheel was only used during the 18th Dynasty. This certainly narrowed the date. We began to thoroughly research the Egyptian chariot and soon discovered that the fact that Ron and the boys found 4, 6 and 8 spoked wheels places the Exodus in the 18th Dynasty according to numerous sources, such as the following: “Egyptian literary references to chariots occur as early as the reigns of Kamose, the 17th Dynasty king who took the first steps in freeing Egypt from the Hyksos, and Ahmose, the founder of the 18th Dynasty. Pictorial representations, however, do not appear until slightly later in the 18th Dynasty….” (From “Observations on the Evolving Chariot Wheel in the 18th Dynasty” by James K. Hoffmeier, JARCE #13, 1976) Here, we learn that it was only at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty that the chariot comes into use in the Egyptian army. The Bible mentions that in the time of Joseph, chariots were in use, but apparently they weren’t developed sturdily enough for use in war until much later. The author goes on to explain how it was only during the 18th Dynasty that the 4, 6 and 8 spoked wheels are used- and that monuments can actually be dated by the number of spokes in the wheel: “Professor Yigael Yadin maintains that during the earlier part of the 18th Dynasty, the Egyptian chariot was `exactly like the Canaanite chariot:’ both were constructed of light flexible wood, with leather straps wrapped around the wood to strengthen it, and both utilized wheels with four spokes. In Yadin’s eyes, the four-spoked wheel is diagnostic for dating purposes; it is restricted to the early part of the 18th Dynasty. It remained in vogue, he says, until the reign of Thutmoses IV, when `the Egyptian chariot begins to shake off its Canaanite influence and undergo considerable change.’ Yadin believes that the eight-spoked wheel, which is seen on the body of Thutmoses IV’s chariot, was an experiment by the Egyptian wheelwrights, who, when it proved unsuccessful, settled thereafter for the six-spoked wheel. So widespread and meticulous is the delineation of the number of wheel spokes on chariots depicted on Egyptian monuments that they can be used as a criterion for determining whether the monument is earlier or later than 1400 BC.” (Quoted from the same article as above.) For more information on the chariots of the Egyptian army, let’s go to the Biblical account, when Pharaoh and his army go after the multitude: EXO 14:6 And he made ready his chariot, and took his people with him: 7 And he took six hundred chosen chariots, and all the chariots of Egypt, and captains over every one of them. This verse makes it quite clear that the Pharaoh took every chariot in Egypt- his own, his generals (or “Captains”) and a group called his “chosen” chariots, which seem to be in addition to his regular army (“all the chariots of Egypt”). Who might these “600 chosen chariots” have been? This group seems too small to have been a division of the army. We do not know the exact number in a “squadron”, but we do have information that a pharoah, one of his names being Rameses II, had an army of 20,000 troops, which was divided into 4 divisions. This would imply that each division consisted of 5,000 troops. But the army took more than just soldiers, many times. To get a little insight, we need to understand a bit about the Egyptian government and economy. “The priests and military men held the highest position in the country after the family of the king, and from them were chosen his ministers and confidential advisers, `the wise counsellors of Pharaoh,’ and all the principal officers of state.” (From “The Ancient Egyptians- Their Life and Customs” by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson, 1854, vol.1, p.316.) The priesthood and the military were closely associated- the Egyptian government was a combination “church and state”, so to speak. Their system of “gods” was quite elaborate and we can’t possibly present an accurate description of their religious system in this limited article. But for our purposes, we need to understand that there were many, many gods in ancient Egypt- but the ultimate “god” was the one represented as the “sun”. This god was known throughout the various times as Amon, Aten and Re or Ra, among other names. And it was this “ultimate god” that the pharaoh was considered the “earthly embodiment” of. The divisions of the army were named after the gods, ie. “the first army, that of Amon, the army of Re, the army of Ptah and the army of Sutech”. When the army set out to war, elaborate ceremonies were performed at the various temples, asking the various gods to give them victory over their foes. Then, booty that was gained as a result of victories was dedicated to the priesthoods and temples of the deities. All military victories were directly attributed to the favor of the gods. Sometimes, the priests would accompany the army to the battlefield in hopes that the “god(s)” would show special favor in their endeavors. And the evidence at hand shows that when Pharaoh and his army set out after Moses and the great multitude, he took with him the all priesthood of all the gods of Egypt. After all, he had seen the power of the true God, the great “I AM”. If the Egyptian army ever needed supernatural intervention by the hands of their so-called “gods”, it was at this time. We believe that every priest of every god was summoned to accompany the army as they went after Moses and the multitude, as well as all the ministers of state. All of this is leading up to a discussion of the gold-veneered, 4-spoked chariot wheel Ron found in 1988. Since he found it on the Egyptian side of the Gulf of Aqaba, that indicates that whoever was driving that particular chariot was at the rear of the army. It makes sense to us that a priest, who is not trained in battle, would be in this position at the rear of the army. Also, a gold chariot would not be practical for battle- these chariots were more “ceremonial” than those used by the chariotry. We also know that the priesthood were given gold chariots, which were booty of various foreign defeats. There is an inscription of Thutmoses III (18th Dynasty) which relates: “He went forth, none like him, slaying the barbarians, smiting Retenu, bringing their princes as living captives, their chariots wrought with gold, bound to their horses.”(1) In fact, we have many, many inscriptions of the kings of the 18th Dynasty receiving gold-plated foreign chariots, either as spoils of war or as tribute received from conquered peoples. There are, as well, inscriptions telling that these gilded chariots were many times dedicated to various temples and gods, which meant that the priests would receive these chariots. We do know from inscriptions that the king did go to war in a “glittering chariot of electrum” as stated in one of Thutmoses III’s inscriptions- but, we doubt very seriously that he would have remained at the rear of the army. However, Dr. Bill Shea of the Biblical Research Institute, told us a few days ago, that he believed it was possible that the pharaoh may have been at the rear of the army. With all of this information, we feel we may conclude that the gold wheel most likely belonged to a member of the priestly caste who was accompanying the army, or possibly a high minister of state. If it had belonged to the pharaoh, it would have probably had his “cartouche” or name on it- and the one Ron found did not have this, at least not on the exposed side. Either way, we have evidence from ancient tombs that the Egyptians constructed wheels of this design, and also the Retenu (Syrian) chariot wheels were of this same design and size.

Once they crossed they had a trek that left them hungry and thirsty. The Lord sent a lightening bolt down and split a rock in half spewing much needed water.

The Shroud of Turin.

Many experts have stood by a 1988 carbon-14 dating of scraps of the cloth carried out by labs in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona that dated it from 1260 to 1390, which, of course, would rule out its used during the time of Christ.

The new test, by scientists at the University of Padua in northern Italy, used the same fibers from the 1988 tests but disputes the findings. The new examination dates the shroud to between 300 BC and 400 AD, which would put it in the era of Christ.

It determined that the earlier results may have been skewed by contamination from fibers used to repair the cloth when it was damaged by fire in the Middle Ages, the British newspaper reported. The cloth has been kept at the cathedral since 1578.

Evidence Noah’s Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard

PHOTO: This ark, located an hour south of Amsterdam, is a replica of Noahs Biblical boat. Underwater archaeologist Bob Ballard is in Turkey, looking for evidence that the Great Flood happened.ABC News
This ark, located an hour south of Amsterdam, is a replica of Noah’s Biblical boat. Underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard is in Turkey, looking for evidence that the Great Flood happened.more +
The story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most famous from the Bible, and now an acclaimed underwater archaeologist thinks he has found proof that the biblical flood was actually based on real events. In an interview with Christiane Amanpour for ABC News, Robert Ballard, one of the world’s best-known underwater archaeologists, talked about his findings. His team is probing the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey in search of traces of an ancient civilization hidden underwater since the time of Noah. Read More:  
Bottom Line there is enough evidence to prove that events in the bible happened, if you combine that with the faith that people have, and the many miracles that happen. God Does Exist.

The Big Bang

Here is my take on the big bang. You have Dinosaurs and per-historic man. God created life in 7 days? What if 7 days in Gods eyes is a million years. Just remember your lifetime in Gods eye is but a blink of his eyes. That’s one theory of mine. Dinosaurs I believe exist today, only on a smaller scale and mutated into birds and some into sea life. If you put any animal in an unsustainable environment they are either going to go extinct or mutate to fit their size, and food source. Also below you’ll see info about the Shroud of Turin. It is said the only way to produce that image is a big flash of light, about as much as a nuke. If God was going to create the earth it probably would have started as a big bang! There are also some scientist that say we co-existed with prehistoric man and also had children with them, another possibility. As you can tell by my writings I believe in God. This is my own viewpoint I wrote this blog to give some information and for them to choose on their own. I highly suggest youtube videos on people who have died and came back. I also recommend you stay away from the occult, Ouiji boards, talking to the dead can open doors. So to sum up, I believe the proof I’ve provided and there are many more out there, that the events in the bible happened, while you have your dino’s and your ape men, we have the power of the Lord, the power of prayer, and the physical evidence to back up the bible in way’s your evidence only proves a period in time. I’ll admit there are many things in the bible that don’t make sense, like Adam and Eve and their children and their children, yes we know what that means, and also there are some references in the bible that their children married others. How if their the first. But know this, the Vatican has a treasure trove of information they don’t want you to know, also as I mentioned above it makes sense that God would create life in one big Bang, the Shroud of Turin was created with such a flash of light it was like a nuke went off, just wanted to restate that point.  The rest as far as I’m concerned was nothing more than a Blink of Gods eyes, not 7 days. Okay, here is why I like to start a conversation.  Because of my lack of knowledge and my understanding of Adam and Eve I decided to go on a quest to find some answers, I found this site, I’m posting one page of theirs here, and a link to get more answers about the bible.  My hope is that even nobody leaves the subject saying that’s it, there is no God and will seek out more information, after all we were all given the information as to the opposite of God in school, and even that is a subject that could be investigated too.  But here is the possible answer to Adam and Eve:

How could there be descendants from Adam and Eve from only two sons?

Q: How could there be be descendants from Adam and Eve, if there were only 2 sons mentioned, and if there were sisters, how could they multiply within the same family? A: Thanks for this question to us here at It is a multi-facted question, so please bear with me while I try to sort it out for you…the answer to your question is not all that simple. You don’t mention whether you are a Urantia Book student, but since you have asked the question as you did, I am going to assume that you are not all that familiar with the story of Adam and Eve as revealed in its pages…I will offer quotes from The Urantia Book, and provide you with links that you can follow so that you’ll be able to learn all about it at your leisure, if you so choose. Adam and Eve, as presented in the book of Genesis, were supposedly the first two human beings. The Biblical account tells us that they had two children—Cain and Abel—and then ate from the forbidden fruit and were banished from Eden. However, The Urantia Book reveals the true identity of Adam and Eve, and the details of their true purpose and mission to our planet. Far from the simplistic fable from the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve is a complicated one, and not well-understood by most of the world as yet. In The Urantia Book, we are given a complete picture of this amazing series of events—the mission of Adam and Eve was actually the third of five epochal revelations to our planet… The human descendents of Adam and Eve sprang partially from the two children that were conceived as a result of default—Cain and Sansa. Cain was, in reality, the son of Eve and Cano, and Sansa was the daughter of Adam and Laotta. Both Cano and Laotta were human beings—not members of the Violet race to which Adam and Eve belonged. If you have read this story (in the link above), you may recall that the liaison of Eve with Cano meant the default of the Adamic mission. When Adam realized what Eve had done, he “sought out Laotta, the brilliant Nodite woman who was head of the western schools of the Garden, and with premeditation committed the folly of Eve.” And these were the acts which effectively defaulted their mission and doomed both Adam and Eve to their degradation to mortal status. If all had gone according to the divine plan, Adam and Eve would have procreated between themselves, and then their children would have procreated with each other (this was safe for them, and standard practice, as they were a pure-line race) until their numbers had reached one million. Following this milestone, the pure-line children of Adam and Eve would have begun procreating with the higher races of humanity then living on the earth. In this way the Material Sons and Daughters upstep the biological systems of the races, both physically and spiritually, through their life plasm. And this is the mission of an Adam and Eve to an evolutionary planet such as ours. Theirs is a mission of physical, intellectual, and spiritual upliftment to the evolutionary races of mankind. They are sent from celestial government as a revelation from God, and as biologic uplifters. Please see Racial Amalgamation—Bestowal of the Adamic Blood. This section explains the normal course of events when a Material Son and Daughter (Adam and Eve) are bestowed on an evolutionary planet, and how Adam and Eve’s genetic patterns are distributed throughout humanity. The two sons of Adam and Eve that most people know about from the Bible are Cain and Abel. However, in The Urantia Book, we learn that Cain, as mentioned above, was the offspring of Eve and Cano, but Abel was the offspring of Adam and Eve—the first child of theirs to be born after the default, and the move to the second Garden. Before this move, Adam and Eve had produced 1647 children, and another 42 were produced after the default, besides Cain and Sansa. In the ensuing years, Abel was killed by Cain. You can read more about Cain and Abel HERE And so, these two children of the Material Son and Daughter—Cain and Sansa—were the first mortals to be produced as a result of mixing Violet blood with human races. Again, this was not supposed to take place until the children of Adam and Eve had reached one million. and it was never to have happened by Adam and Eve themselves…but Sansa and Cain both produced children, and the racial mixing proceeded. From The Urantia Book:
76:0.2 Cain and Sansa were both born before the Adamic caravan had reached its destination between the rivers in Mesopotamia. Laotta, the mother of Sansa, perished at the birth of her daughter; Eve suffered much but survived, owing to superior strength. Eve took Sansa, the child of Laotta, to her bosom, and she was reared along with Cain. Sansa grew up to be a woman of great ability. She became the wife of Sargan, the chief of the northern blue races, and contributed to the advancement of the blue men of those times. 76:2.8 Cain’s life in Mesopotamia had not been exactly happy since he was in such a peculiar way symbolic of the default. It was not that his associates were unkind to him, but he had not been unaware of their subconscious resentment of his presence. But Cain knew that, since he bore no tribal mark, he would be killed by the first neighboring tribesmen who might chance to meet him. Fear, and some remorse, led him to repent. Cain had never been indwelt by an Adjuster, had always been defiant of the family discipline and disdainful of his father’s religion. But he now went to Eve, his mother, and asked for spiritual help and guidance, and when he honestly sought divine assistance, an Adjuster indwelt him. And this Adjuster, dwelling within and looking out, gave Cain a distinct advantage of superiority which classed him with the greatly feared tribe of Adam. And so Cain departed for the land of Nod, east of the second Eden. He became a great leader among one group of his father’s people and did, to a certain degree, fulfill the predictions of Serapatatia, for he did promote peace between this division of the Nodites and the Adamites throughout his lifetime. Cain married Remona, his distant cousin, and their first son, Enoch, became the head of the Elamite Nodites. And for hundreds of years the Elamites and the Adamites continued to be at peace.
And here is how the Violet race was deliberately added into the human races of those times, after the default of the original plan:
76:4.8 After becoming established in the second garden on the Euphrates, Adam elected to leave behind as much of his life plasm as possible to benefit the world after his death. Accordingly, Eve was made the head of a commission of twelve on race improvement, and before Adam died this commission had selected 1, 682 of the highest type of women on Urantia, and these women were impregnated with the Adamic life plasm. Their children all grew up to maturity except 112, so that the world, in this way, was benefited by the addition of 1, 570 superior men and women. Though these candidate mothers were selected from all the surrounding tribes and represented most of the races on earth, the majority were chosen from the highest strains of the Nodites, and they constituted the early beginnings of the mighty Andite race. These children were born and reared in the tribal surroundings of their respective mothers.
And so, even though the mission of Adam and Eve was not completed as planned, the human races of Urantia have still benefited from this infusion of Adamic blood.Multiplying within the family of Adam and Eve was accepted practice, and is the way things are done on evolutionary planets such as ours; however, since our planet had been laboring under the effects of the Lucifer rebellion things did not go as planned. Thus, we have this very irregular turn of events. This has been a long reply, and I hope not too difficult for you to take in…I hope that this reply answers your questions about how Adam and Eve left descendents on our planet. If this is the first time that you’re hearing this story, I hope that you’ll please have a look at the links I have placed into this reply, so that you can gain a new understanding of this most amazing pair, and this most amazing story in our distant past—a story that is still playing out on our world today. The Urantia Book recital of the Adam and Eve fable places this actual event in historic perspective. Human beings had existed nearly one million years before Adam and Eve arrived here. They were to establish the most advanced culture on the world and then begin the process of uplifting all the native peoples of the world through improved genetics, extensive education, and valuable spiritual teaching. They failed in these regards but much good resulted from their failed attempt. A fable about Adam and Eve was written more than 35, 000 years after they lived and died here and this incomplete Bible story is all we’d know about this exceptional couple without the instruction of The Urantia Book. All info about Adam and Eve was found at which has much, much more biblical information then the story of Adam and Eve.  So please visit them for anyone seeking more.
Know that there is evil, know people are haunted, and know that when they are it’s not a ghost, it’s a demon manifesting itself into something else. That is my belief. I’m writing this to start a conversation. To maybe get everyone involved, I hope none of you call names to try and prove a point. This conversation I am leaving off limits to being rude to another, including the atheist if they are nice back. I hope you’ll leave comments and subscribe to my site. Thanks and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

How to Debate – Tips and Tricks 😈

“Ignorance is no argument’ – Baruch Spinoza

The first round of the QDU took place last week, and I am involved in a team (fortuantly we won). Seeing that this is a world wide activity I felt that I should write some basic tips for debating, as I realize how hard it is when I first started. I have been debating for 5 years and hopefully I can pas my experience on to others.

I’m not sure if different countries have different types of debating, but Australia has a system where there are 3 people on each side who take it in turns to argue a point.

(1) – You are always right – no matter what you really believe, if you want to win then you have to know that what ever you say is correct and your opposition is always wrong.

(2) – Strong central argument – after you make each point link it back to your teams case. This makes the whole team look more prepared and gets big marks.

(3) – Rebut – if they have an incorrect fact, rebut it. If they do not link back to their teams case, rebut it. If they give an example that has no relevance, rebut it. Remember, the opposition is always wrong.

(4) – If you need more time, summarize – a good summery not only gets good points, it also increases your time. If you go under time you lost points and the same occurs if you go over. Try to find a balance.

(5) – Never insult the opposition – no matter how much you want to, don’t! If you want to insult something, do it to their argument. Don’t use personal attacks if you want to win.

(6) – Have passion – believe in what you are saying and you probably will win. Speak from the heart, but also use logic and academic research.

This is not so much a guide but just some helpful tips, so that you can earn maximum points. If you still have some query’s, then post a comment below.

Russ Egan

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The Debate Continues: Offline VS Online Marketing

Expert Author Frank Demming

Why does the debate over offline vs online marketing continue? Since the advent of the Internet, business owners, marketing experts and ecommerce gurus have debated the pros and cons of offline vs online marketing. Traditional media outlets argue that print and broadcast media reach a larger audience. Experts in web marketing argue the benefits of marketing to a very specific market segment. Business organizations tout the human aspect of networking events and face-to-face meet ups.

The truth is, when discussing offline vs online marketing, both venues have their place. Both provide specific results and benefits that the other misses. When combined in an effective marketing plan, the two methods can compliment each other, provided you have the budget to support efforts in both arenas. However, not all of the old offline vs online marketing arguments are still valid today, decades after the Internet first changed the business world.

For the small business owner and home-based solopreneur, budgetary concerns create a deep divide when considering offline vs online marketing. For these individuals, the issues between offline vs online marketing are not merely conceptual or based on the potential return on their investment. Small budgets and limited start-up capital necessitate finding the least expensive methods for marketing products and services. While the debates over market penetration, market reach, and message delivery rage on, these entrepreneurs must focus on cost.

As more readers and shoppers look to the Internet for information and solutions to consumer needs, the arguments presented for offline vs online marketing become thinner and carry less weight. Today, consumers reach for their computer keyboard, rather than a phone book. They search online for products to meet their needs, rather than watching television commercials or browsing sale papers. As such, business owners with an understanding of internet marketing gain a greater advantage over those who focus on offline marketing venues.

Internet marketing efforts, especially those centered around social media, search engine marketing, and website conversions, are often free or have a considerably lower point of entry than offline efforts. In considering offline vs online marketing, few options provide the kind of flexibility and low start-up requirements as internet marketing. Viral videos, social media shares, and search engine results now replace television commercials, radio spots and print advertisements.

Rather than spending hours rubbing shoulders at boring networking events and stuffy business meet-ups, savvy business owners use social media profiles and automated tools to engage with potential customers. Instead of balancing peek broadcast times with cost, your marketing message can be set up to automatically reach targeted customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many online businesses can be marketed while the owner still works a regular day job, forever ending the offline vs online marketing debate.

With an easier point of entry, lower risk, and the ability to automate many marketing tasks, new online entrepreneurs can easily see the benefits and drawbacks of offline vs online marketing. Internet marketing is simply easier, less expensive, and when done properly, more effective than traditional marketing efforts in the offline world. Even novices can get started with a profitable online business with just a little basic knowledge and the right tools.

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you are guided properly. With the proper guidance you can build a following of hot and hungry customers begging you for more information about your products or services.

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My Experience With Ovarian Cancer

Expert Author Hazel Auldridge

Cancer is a word that no one wants to hear. Yet sometime the choice is ignored.

I had endured sever lower back pain for months and had been asking the doctors what could I do to get some relief. I had begun to think that it was only in my mind, when finally the nurse practitioner acknowledged my plea. Although she was not certain as to why, that no matter what I tried, I could not seem to get any relief from the back pain. I was to the point that I was ready to agree to anything in hope of finding some sort of release. The pain had become so intense that I often felt nauseated and would break out into cold sweats. So when she ask me if I would agree to back therapy, I agreed.

It was my last day in therapy. I had been taking back therapy for six weeks. It did help me to feel better; however, the pain was still there.

On that particular day, the clinic was working short of technicians, so I was waiting, waiting, and waiting. Tired of waiting, and extremely bored, I lay there on my back, staring at the stark walls and hoping someone would soon appear to prepare me for my therapy.

For some reason, that I cannot explain, I decided that I would message my belly. Nature has gifted with excess fat around the middle; therefore, when my massage therapy began, my hands were confronted with soft, flabby flesh. Beginning at the groin and the sides near my back, I placed my palms on either side of my belly pulling upward toward the naval. At first I was unhappy with the excess weight but all was normal. Then, I noticed that the below the soft, flabby flesh my right palm focused on an area that was hard and unyielding, and somewhat tender.

At that point, I noticed that the area felt as though I had a salad bowl in my stomach. It did not hurt, but it was sensitive to my touch.

When I arrived at home, I discussed my new found concern with my husband.

Promptly he said, call the doctor.

So I telephoned my General Practitioner. When I told the nurse that I had found a hard spot in my belly, she said I should come in right away and see the doctor .

When I talked to the doctor, he ask me to explain my findings. He did not even take the time to examine me. I was sent directly to get a sonogram. From there I was scheduled for an X-ray, then blood work, and finally a cat scan.

The next day the doctor’s nurse telephoned me to say that they had made an appointment for me to see an Gynecologist.

It was determined that I had a tumor in my right ovary and it needed to be removed. The Gynecologist explained the prognosis and we agreed that all the female organs would be removed. Therefore I was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy.

Following the successful operation, I was told that the tumor that I had discovered in my right ovary was benign. However; cancer cells were found in my left ovary and were contained in my left ovary. The cancer was diagnosed as stage 2 and chemo was not so much needed but strongly recommended to hopefully prevent the cancer cells spread to other parts of the body.

I was scheduled for six chemo treatments. But, before my first chemo treatment, I developed a urinary tract infection. That was horrible. After several days, the urinary tract infection was in control, then I started my chemo treatments.

The first chemo treatment was a breeze; however, after the second treatment three weeks later, I began to feel really tired and felt chilled and very cold. My energy was gone. When I went to the doctor, I was admitted to the hospital and told that I had a staff infection.

My abdomen had to be opened and drained, then I started to hemorrhage, after which I was given two units of blood, plus a series of anti-biotic by IV. The incision had to be left open in order to let the wound heal from inside to out.

Since the incision had been left open, my sister came to stay with me. She would clean and repack the wound with a special kind of gauze twice a day. It was about six weeks before the wound was completely healed. However, it has been almost two years since the wound healed; but it continues to be very sensitive, and it is painful when I cough.

The chemo therapy as terminated while I had the staff infection. But as soon as I was better, the chemo was again resumed. I had one more treatment and my white blood count was to high and my red blood cells were to low. I found myself back in the hospital, again.

Thus forth, before, my wound healed, my blood count became extremely low. Chemo causes some patients to react in that manner. But now, my heart was racing, my blood pressure had begun to sky rocket and I was running a low grade temperature.

Again, back to the hospital for another week. I was given accelerated IV doses of anti-biotic. I was told that due to the chemo, my veins had begun to collapse. Therefore, I was stuck time and time again in search of a good artery for which to insert the IV needle.

Due to all the complication, after I had had five treatments my chemo was stopped.

It has been one year and six months since I had my first surgery and I am back to normal. Every four months I go for blood work. My last blood test indicated that I am cancer free.

The moral to this story is: Ladies, please, familiarize yourself with your body. Every day we are reminded to check our breast. But it is equally important to routinely check your abdomen. No one knows your body as well as you. Know it!

Ovarian cancer cannot be detected by a pap smear. Ovarian cancer can sometimes be found during a pelvic examination; but not always.

If this story has peaked your interest, then I encourage you to discuss your concerns with your Gynecologist.

It is my pleasure to write for you and I sincerely hope you will enjoy my writings. I am new to this online business adventure. It has been stressful for me at times, but I stop, walk away, and relax. Then when I return to my computer I am energized with a new challenge. I have several websites, it is my hope you will visit again and again.

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Should I Invest in Pot Futures?


A little-known Canadian company just unlocked what some experts think could be the key to profiting off the coming green revolution.

And make no mistake – it is coming. To the tune of an estimated $50 billion.

Hemp legalization is sweeping over North America – 10 states plus Washington, D.C., have all legalized recreational versions over the last few years, and full legalization comes to Canada in October 2018.

Legal pot was worth $10 billion for the U.S. in 2017 alone. And since experts have projected the U.S. industry to skyrocket to $50 billion by 2026, it’s time for investors to start paying attention.

Because whether or not you’re planning on ingesting any THC, you can’t deny the monumental investing opportunity that a potentially $50 billion industry represents.

But it’s also a relatively new industry. Untested, unproven.

And while we here at The Motley Fool love being on the cutting edge of new investing trends…

Read More and Get more information on how to invest in Pot Stocks here:  The Motley

Any cursory look at the markets would reveal that 2018 wasn’t the best year for investors. That goes for speculative assets as well, including marijuana stocks. Although going green has proven net positive for the early birds, the sector tanked heavily during the October selloff. Still, I wouldn’t drop them from your list of stocks to buy just yet.

Despite their well-publicized fall from grace, several marijuana stocks have stabilized from their severe correction. While that’s no guarantee that the industry is done spilling blood, the deflated prices will almost certainly attract speculators. Should enough risk-takers enter the arena, publicly traded cannabis companies will jump higher, even if it’s only a temporary swing.

Also Check Out for 10 best pot stocks available here:

Here is Blondiepie’s answer to the question: if politicians who were once against Marijuana laws, and legalization and are now investing in Pot Futures and community college’s teaching courses on how to grow pot, it’s going to be a safe bet.


Pissed at your cable bill?

Save Money, Cut the Cord on Cable TV

Expert Author Lewis Matthews

Looking for additional ways to save money in 2019?
“Cutting the cord” on your cable or satellite TV service can save you big money. Your Cable bill is the one “utility” that you can live without! Whether you go with an Over-the-air TV Antenna, or the wide variety of services for Streaming TV and Movie content (or both), good alternatives to cable TV are widely available.

Why I like Antenna TV
TV antennas provide the best “bang for your buck”. Once you’ve purchased and installed your antenna, all of the entertainment it provides is completely free! I save $85 per month* since cutting my cable TV! Your monthly savings could be as much as what you’d save on electricity if you spent thousands of dollars to purchase PV Solar Panels on your roof!

*Your savings will vary based on your current Cable TV or Satellite monthly rate.

Many OTA broadcasts during prime-time hours are in uncompressed High Definition (HD). This means it’ll look better than what you are used to seeing from your cable company. It’s all about your proximity to terrestrial broadcast towers. An over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV antenna can connect you to local network affiliates like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS and quite a few Spanish-language networks for news and national programming. Other content includes live sports coverage of College Football, NFL Football, Featured MLB games, Golf and more like the Olympic Games. TikiLive , A live solution to your cable bill, 3 packages to choose from, suggests this if you like to receive your local channels for news.

Streaming TV – Lots of choices
Whether you are watching free TV on the internet through network websites, watching YouTube video or streaming to your TV through an internet connected device you have lots on-demand content options. Subscription based content from Amazon, Netflix and Hulu TikiLive is becoming more and more compelling as these companies compete to broaden their offerings. Pay-as-you-go streaming and downloads from Amazon and iTunes give you options for TV and Movies with no long-term commitment. All of these require high-speed internet access.

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Streaming Devices
Many of the latest Hisense TVs and Blu-ray disc players are network enabled and support streaming content out of the box, like TikiLive . a growing number of affordable set-top box devices provide access to different streaming content. We like the Roku boxes for their price and access to lots of “Channels” of streaming content, also TikiLive is on Roku and Amazon FireSticks! The Apple TV is also affordable with a simple interface to iTunes and Netflix streaming content and more. Do your homework and shop around, this is a competitive new consumer electronics category!

Streaming on the Go
These days we tend to be digesting more entertainment content on our phones, laptops and tablet computers. One of our favorite new devices for enjoying streaming video content is the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. At $199 is a great value.

You have options. You can take control and save a lot of money while still enjoying great TV and Movie content.

Lewis Matthews is passionate about technology and sustainability. He likes to build things, fix things, and take things apart to see how they work. Learn more about Antenna TV and Streaming to TV hardware for your home.

Blondiepie subscribes to TikiLive and found their Live Streaming Service to be second to none, and their customer service is spot on. I’m computer Illiterate unless it’s facebook or Tinder, I know nothing, I had a little trouble filling out the registration form, only by my own stupidity, but I called their customer service, got a live body right away and he helped me through the process of registering, and even had a chit chat about our day, yes it was short chat but it was a brighten my day chat. So if you’re looking for an alternative to your cable there are 3 packages to choose from: Free, which it is, what it is, but it’s to test drive sound and sight quality, which is HDTV clear! Then there is a basic which has your ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and many others like MTV, ESPN, etc. and a Premium Package which includes HBO, SHOWTIME AND CINEMAX! So Join us at TIKILIVE! and cut the cord!

Create Your FREE TikiLIVE Account!


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Better Sex With Games for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

Expert Author John Dugan

December is host to more celebratory events than one can throw a stick at. There’s copious amounts of food, plenty of company – and the opportunity for better sex for many. That last one may not always be at the top of everybody’s list, but in fact the holidays are an excellent time for exploring new sex games with one’s partner. Men who have taken proper care to maintain penis

December is host to more celebratory events than one can throw a stick at. There’s copious amounts of food, plenty of company – and the opportunity for better sex for many. That last one may not always be at the top of everybody’s list, but in fact the holidays are an excellent time for exploring new sex games with one’s partner. Men who have taken proper care to maintain penis health throughout the year may find the holidays are the perfect time to add some fun and sparkle to their bedroom routine.

Sex games are fun at any time of the year and can often jumpstart a relationship that has become a little ho-ho-hum, thereby leading to better sex. With that in mind, couples may want to consider incorporating some appropriately-themed sex games into the holidays. Some suggestions follow, but couples should feel free to let their imaginations roam wide and come up with their own celebratory games.

Trim the Tree. For the couple that has never experimented with pubic shaving, this is an excellent opportunity. The partners can discuss what they would like – a full shave, a light trim, or perhaps shaving the hair into a star or candle pattern. Then, together the partners can take turns shaving each other – carefully, of course. (Definitely not a good idea to handle a razor or scissors after too much eggnog consumption!)

Deck the Balls. Balls get hung on the tree every year; men already come hung, but their equipment might need a little decorating. A guy should invite his partner to indulge her creative bent on his testicles. Some well-applied body paint is an easy way to start, and can change those balls into an explosion of color. Another option: Dispense with the traditional penis ring but do use some colorful ribbon to create the same effect.

Make It Out of Clay. The dreidel song famously sings of the toy being made of clay; why stop with the dreidel, though? A safe and appropriate polymer clay can be spread over a man’s penis to create a clay replica. The clay can also be used to provide a clay version of a woman’s breasts or of the buttocks of either partner.

Naughty or Nice. Cosplay is often an excellent way to add spice to a relationship. One of the partners may wish to dress up as Santa and then determine if the other partner has been naughty or nice. For some reason, naughty tends to win out more in this game – especially if the price for being naughty involves getting naked.

Good Things Come in Small Packages. The less-endowed male, as well as those of other proportions, might want to consider exploring a penis sleeve for some holiday cheer. Or perhaps this is the time to try some ribbed condoms, French ticklers or other toys that might add to the festivities.

Caroling Climax. The partners choose a recording of a favorite holiday song or songs. The goal is to try to time the couple’s climax to coincide with the end of the song (or songs). A variation can be to have each partner manually stimulate the other; the winner is the one who does not climax before the end of the piece.

Better sex goals don’t have to be limited to the holidays, of course. Before and after engaging in such games, a man might find it helpful to regularly use a top-notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) so that his equipment remains healthy. Some sex games can be played with extra relish and enthusiasm, resulting in a happy but very sore penis. A cream with a high-end emollient such as Shea butter and a natural hydrator like vitamin E can help fix that problem. Rough handling also sometimes results in some “deadening” of the package’s nerves; a cream that contains a neuroprotective ingredient like acetyl L-carnitine can help deal with loss of sensation in the member.

Visit for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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Swimming with the Dolphins – Happy Birthday Christopher!

Hi Ya All, Blondiepie here, just returning from our trip to The Dolphin Research Center for Christopher’s birthday!  Yay!!  We had the best time, and I’m sure Christopher will remember this day for the rest of his life and if not there is always all the pictures and videos we took.

If you ever come to The Keys you just gotta make a stop at the Dolphin Research Center, everyone there was so nice and the dolphins were so friendly.  I never knew when they go sideways in the water their looking at you.  My mother thought there was something wrong with her at first, but she was just looking up at us.  They only use females to swim with.

The video’s below are short clips, don’t worry they are not long.  Hope you enjoy!

Christopher swam with two dolphins named Diva and Windly.  You can watch below all the fun Christopher had.

Did you Know?

Defining Culture

Do dolphins and whales have culture as we know it? Discover ideas which may point to culture in these animals and the hurdles that scientists contend with when trying to prove that they possess culture.

In order for a species to possess culture, a few basic requirements must be met. One of those requirements is that a species engages in shared behaviors which vary between populations and are perpetuated across generations. Additionally, these behaviors must be acquired through social learning and be independent of genetic factors in order to be considered culturally transmitted.

Bottlenose dolphins show the strongest evidence of possessing culture within the infraorder Cetacea. It is a gregarious species, displaying distinct shared behaviors among different groups, which appear to be passed on from mother to calf or between associated individuals. Bottlenose dolphins are also well known for their strong capacity to observe and imitate both vocalizations and motor skills. This strongly suggests that many behaviors are acquired though social learning. Social learning is the most likely explanation for shared behavior in most cases, but lack of proof keeps this a speculation. Further research is necessary to provide concrete evidence that these behaviors are truly passed on via social learning before science, as a whole, may accept culture in the bottlenose dolphin under the current definition.

Bottlenose dolphins have been extensively studied in both human care and in the wild. They are long-lived animals that can sometimes exceed 30-50 years of age. They are social animals that live in complex, ever changing communities, where individuals have long term associations with other individuals that are repeated but not necessarily constant. Bottlenose dolphin societies are comprised of a large number of individuals with distinct subgroups. These subgroups include:

  • maternity bands, made up of females and their calves or females of the same age and state of reproduction
  • juvenile groups, consisting of youngsters that have become independent from their mothers
  • bachelor groups, alliances of 2-3 adult males which have the most stable bonds in bottlenose dolphin society outside the mother and calf bond (Reynolds, et al., 2000).

Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) are well known for the “plasticity” in their behavior and apparent cognitive ability (Reynolds, et al., 2000). The discovery of these traits, coupled with the social nature of these animals, has led scientists to speculate whether or not bottlenose dolphins and other cetaceans have culture. Seemingly, the most difficult aspect of determining whether a species has culture is the definition of culture itself. Ethologists, biologists, anthropologists and psychologists all have varying views on how to define culture. Some authors define culture in a very broad sense, while others restrict it to certain properties that are often unable to be determined in species outside of humans.

I just want to thank The Dolphin Reseach center for making Christopher’s Birthday one of the best birthday’s yet!


Dolphins are mammals, and have characteristics which are distinct to mammals. They have three middle ear bones, and they have hair at some point during their life cycles, and  females have mammary glands which are used to nurse their young. The ocean can be a very harsh place for a mammal to live. However, dolphins are uniquely adapted for the marine environment. How have dolphins and other marine mammals come to live in an aquatic world? Scientists believe evolution holds the key to the answer.

Based on DNA, molecular, and genetic studies, the current theory suggests that cetaceans share a common heritage with that of the hippopotamus. This theory would place cetaceans in the group formerly known as Artiodactyl (now Cetartiodactyla), composed of even toed ungulates (deer, sheep, cows, pigs, hippos, etc.) New skeletal discoveries seem to back this claim, giving possible morphological evidence as testimony. Scientists have recently discovered ancient whale skeletons in Pakistan with well-preserved anklebones displaying features similar to that of the Artiodactyl group. Inside their pectoral fins, dolphins have a skeletal structure similar to a human arm and hand. They have a humerus, complete with a ball and socket joint. They have a radius and ulna, as well as a complete hand structure, including five phalanges, or finger bones. This is one of the many internal physiological structures leading scientists to believe that dolphins and whales evolved from a terrestrial ancestor.

The terrestrial ancestor of the cetacean quickly adapted to a new aquatic niche and the evolutionary process continued at a rapid rate. When animals move into unoccupied niches, evolutionary radiation tends to act swiftly, as it appears to have done in this case. Pakicetus the terrestrial extinct genus that is currently thought to be the direct ancestors to the modern cetaceans.

Ambulocetus is a semi-aquatic to aquatic ancestor to modern day cetaceans which lived approximately 49 million years ago. This evolutionary link displayed subtle changes, resembling a terrestrial animal less and a marine mammal more. The legs on the Ambulocetus were shorter and more paddle-shaped. However, it probably still spent some time on land. The nostrils of this cetacean ancestor had also migrated to the top of the snout, probably to facilitate more efficient breathing. Ambulocetus expended less energy breathing because it only had to poke its nostrils above water as opposed to its whole head.

The oldest and most primitive whales were the Protocetids, a family of archaic whales or Archaeocetes. These whale ancestors arrived around 50 million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch. Due to the locale of their remains, it appears that the earliest phases of cetacean evolution, including the Protocetids, were confined to the Tethys Sea. The jaw of this animal is much more slender and elongated than that of the Ambulocetus. The shape of Protocetus is not entirely clear because most skeletal structures discovered are not complete. It appears that they still had hind limbs, and that their life style may have been amphibious, rather than fully aquatic.

About 38 to 45 million years ago, Basilosaurus, the largest known advanced Archaeocete, appeared. The skeletons of these animals have been found as far south as New Zealand and Antarctica. The spread of this early cetacean would indicate its successful adaptation to aquatic life. Basilosaurus was, in fact, fully aquatic. The forelimbs of Basilosaurus were elongated flippers/paddles. As they elongated, the cartilage between the phalanges fused, preventing the joints from curling. The sinuses in the skull base of the Basilosaurus enlarged, a feature seen also in early toothed and baleen whales. The hind limbs of Basilosaurus became virtually non-existent. At this point, the only function that the hind limbs might have served would have been for alignment in mating, or for pushing off of the bottom of the ocean. While Basilosaurus is one of the best known Archaeocetes, analysis of the skull suggests that Basilosaurus does not have any direct modern relatives.

There were many other evolving forms that led to the modern-day cetacean. Baleen whales and toothed whales diverged from a common ancestor around 35 million years ago. The family Delphinidae made its appearance around 11 million years ago, while the bottlenose dolphin emerged only about 2-5 million years ago. Through evolution, dolphins have made significant adaptations to become the aquatic marvels that you see today.


Babies are usually born tail first, weigh 25-40lbs, and are generally three to four feet long (Wells 1999). We can get an approximate idea of how old a baby is by looking at the dorsal fin. It is thought that the dorsal fin stiffens within a few hours. The tail flukes seem to take a bit longer.

A baby dolphin swims in a position next to its mother called the echelon position. The baby swims in this position to catch mom’s slipstream, allowing the calf to work less hard in order to keep up with its mother.

When babies are born they have lighter colored bands spanning their mid section. These are called fetal bands and are caused from being scrunched up in the mother’s womb. These bands will slough off after multiple weeks.

Newborn dolphins are very dark in color. It is possible that this dark shading is used for camouflage as the baby travels in the mother’s shadow. This coloration also sloughs off after multiple weeks.

When we assess the health of a newborn, we look for good body weight and good breathing. Another way we can get a good indication of the baby’s health is from the mother’s behavior. If she is relaxed and comfortable, it is a good sign. If a baby is not healthy, a mother will usually display frantic and erratic behavior.

When babies are new to the world, they have to get used to their bodies not only swimming, but also breathing. They have to get comfortable with their blowhole’s location. As a result, babies do something called chin slap breathing, which involves lifting their heads farther out of the water than necessary to breathe.

Echolocation is an ability that babies learn how to use over time. For this reason babies end up with a few cuts and scrapes within the first weeks of life.

Due to the need to look out for a clumsy calf, you sometimes see mothers “steering” their calves away from what might be considered a danger. Merina had a lot of steering to do within her daughter Pandora’s first very active days of life. Pandora was quite spirited and would often try and race in front of her mother. We often saw Merina physically pick Pandora up with her rostrum and place her in another part of the pool.

Christopher’s Birthday cake made by Grandma and decorated by me Blondiepie! GET MORE INFO ON DOLPHINS AT:

Legalized Pot Causes Problems for Police in Colorado

In 2012, Colorado voters overwhelming approved a change to the state’s constitution that allowed the sale and personal consumption of marijuana for recreational use. Sales began in 2014. Since then, the state has issued more than 2,900 marijuana business licenses, 481 of which went to retail dispensaries. As a result, as one media outlet pointed out, Colorado has more pot dispensaries than Starbucks, McDonald’s, and 7-Eleven locations combined.

But even though it’s legal to consume, it remains illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Tragically, far too many drivers appear to be ignoring that and are putting lives in danger by smoking and driving. If you’ve been injured in a car accident because of an impaired driver, a personal injury attorney can help.

Fatal Accidents on the Rise

According to analysis by The Denver Post, the number of drivers involved in fatal car accidents who then tested positive for marijuana has jumped every year since legalization. Higher levels of the drug are also appearing in drivers who tested positive. Last year, in one extreme example, one driver tested at 22 times the legal limit for marijuana.

From 2013-16, Colorado experienced a 40 percent spike in the number of traffic fatalities overall, hitting 880 last year, according to numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The data also reveals that alcohol-related fatalities have been on the rise, climbing 17 percent. The number of drivers who tested positive for marijuana, however, jumped nearly 150 percent, and now make up 10 percent of all fatal car accidents.

While officials are quick to point out that this dramatic increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths can’t be tied conclusively to legalization, the numbers are disturbing.

“Unlike alcohol, THC [the active ingredient in marijuana] can remain detectable in the blood stream for days or weeks, when any impairment wears off in a matter of hours,” Taylor West, former deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, told The Denver Post. “So all those numbers really tell us is that, since legal adult-use sales began, a larger number of people are consuming cannabis and then, at some point… driving a car.”

Testing is a Problem

That’s the problem facing state and local governments. Cannabis use is skyrocketing, but law enforcement officials are still struggling to find a way to definitively test drivers. There’s no marijuana breathalyzer or blood test that police can use to test drivers. There are tests that check for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, but there isn’t a universally accepted standard that indicates who is actually impaired, despite the frantic efforts of scientists to establish one.

Colorado uses a THC blood test that police can use to reveal what’s referred to as “presumed” impairment. Permissible inference is set at five nanograms of THC per milliliter. Alcohol breaks down quickly in the body, making it easy to test for. THC, on the other hand, can linger much longer in the body. In fact, heavy users who then abstain from marijuana can still test positive a month or more later.

At least two private companies are researching breath detection devices, but scientists estimate they’re months or years away from hitting the market. As a result, Colorado has begun training its officers in what to look for during traffic stops when deciding whether a driver is impaired.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a marijuana-impaired driver, reach out to a Colorado personal injury lawyer at Burg Simpson quickly. We have decades of experience fighting for the rights of traffic accident victims. Call us at 303-792-5595 or fill out our Free Case Evaluation form on our website at so we can discuss your case with you.

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You also might enjoy reading this from Fox News from today's News!

Colorado poised to be leader in new national hemp market

DENVER — One of Colorado’s cash crops, hemp, now stepping into the national spotlight, with the passage of the Farm Bill by the House and Senate. The bill, still waiting for President Trump’s signature, would take hemp off of the controlled substances list.

In Colorado, it opens the door for even more business opportunity for the state that leads the nation in hemp production.

In one of his farms just east of Denver International Airport, John Lee with the Hemp Consulting Group says the industry has plenty of room to grow in the state.

“We have 56 hoop houses up and they’re actually being built as we speak,” Lee said.

Lee says the bill will allow American farmers to make more money, and protect that investment. Part of the bill lets farmers insure their hemp crops, which previously was prohibited. It also gives them access to banking, and a bigger base to sell products nationwide. Farmers also don’t have to look over their shoulder anymore, worrying if the feds will shut them down.

Read More at FOX NEWS:

I was doing my own research and I have decided to add this to the blog if you’re interested

Relationships: Is It A Surprise For People Who Are Attractive To Be Single?

Expert Author Oliver JR Cooper

If one was to find out that someone isn’t in a relationship, it might not surprise them, and this could come down to the fact that they are not physically attractive. On the other hand, if they were attractive, it might be hard for them to understand why this is the case.

One Outlook

It would be easy to say that one would need to be a shallow human being to see life in this way. This comes down to the fact that they are basing their value on what they look like, as opposed to what they are like as a person.

How this person treats others and what they stand for is then irrelevant; the only thing that matters is the face and body they have inherited. Or if they were not born this way, it could be a sign that they have had plastic surgery, for instance.

Two Parts

As a result of this, it could be said that it would be better for one to no longer base another person’s value on what they look like, and to pay attention to what they are like as a person. After all, it it’s not as if the majority of people who are attractive have had to do anything to look good, but if someone has a good personality, this will have taken a certain amount of effort.

One could then meet someone who is attractive and single, and they could let it go over their head. Alternatively, they could meet someone is not physically attractive and single, and they could be surprised.


If one was to do this, they would have to go against their own nature, and this would cause them to experience conflict. The reason for this is that human beings are drawn to beauty, and this is not something that can be changed.

For example, the reason men are drawn to younger woman and women with a certain body shape is that they are showing signs of fertility. Therefore, it is not that they are ‘shallow’; it is that they want to a woman who will be able to produce healthy offspring.

A Number of Reasons

So when a man is with someone who is physically attractive, it is going to make him feel good and there is a strong chance that his children will be healthy. It could be said that the first part has to exist in order for him to want to engage in the second part.

One way of looking at this would be to say that this is nature’s way of getting a man to reproduce. Still, it would be inaccurate to say that men are the only ones who care about how someone looks, as women are just the same.

Creating the Right image

If one had the need to please others and to come across as ‘progressive’, for instance, they could tell themselves and others that looks don’t matter. But if they were to have this outlook, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be drawn to people who are physically attractive.

Due to this, they could end up saying one thing and behaving in a way that is the complete opposite. However, there is what one will be drawn to and then there is the kind of person who they will be able to attract.


Thus, even though one might be drawn to man/woman who looks a certain way, it doesn’t mean that they will be end up attracting them. There can be a number of reason as to why this is the case.

For one thing, they might not value themselves, and this can cause them to settle for people who they are not really attracted to. Also, one might not be in the best of shape, and this is can make it harder for them to attract the kind of person they desire.

A Shock

So with all this in mind, it is easy to see why one would be surprised if they were to come across someone who is attractive and single. But even though someone is physically attractive, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect.

At the end of the day, they are still going to have issues like everyone else, and this is something that needs to be kept in mind. Yet, with that aside for the time being, there are a number of reasons as to why they would be single.

The Common Reasons

What this could show is that this is someone who has only just broken up with another person. This could then be a time when they are happy to spend time by themselves and to focus on other areas of their life.

Alternatively, they might not have the time to be in a relationship at this point in their life, and this might show that they are focusing on their career. Either way, being in a relationship is not going to interest them.

Another Factor

At the same time, there is the chance that one doesn’t value themselves, and this may have caused them to attract the wrong types of people. This can make them wonder if they will ever be able to trust anyone again.

Through being this way, they can either attract people who treat them badly, or they can end up with people who are ‘nice’. This is then going to cause them to be walked over by another person or they will walk over someone else, and neither of these options is going to be very fulfilling.


There is also the chance that one is caught up with their own needs and feelings, and this is going to stop them from being able to have a relationship. If they were with someone, it is not going to be possible for them to extend themselves and to bridge the gap, so to speak.

One is going to look right, but they are not going to have the ability to fulfill another person’s needs. But while this will cause them to push healthy people away, there are still going to be people who don’t value themselves who will put up with this kind of behaviour.


What this emphasis is that even if someone is attractive it doesn’t mean that they will be able to have a fulfilling relationship. In order for this to take place, they will need to value themselves and to have the ability to empathize with others.

If one is attractive and they find it hard to attract the right person, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist or a healer.

Prolific writer, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over one thousand three hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. His current projects include ‘A Dialogue With The Heart’ and ‘Communication Made Easy’.

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