5 Crazy Hygiene Mistakes women make that will make men cringe

Here are just some of the Hygiene mistakes women make that will make men cringe.

1.  Shaving your legs, we all know we can miss spots when shaving our legs, but missing one of the legs is a bit crazy.  Yup it happens.







2.  Shaving your armpits, sometimes we forget altogether and it’s embarrassing, but just like the leg situation we can totally miss one armpit.  Yup it happens.

3.  Going to the beach?  Slipping on that swimsuit and checking in the mirror is always smart, but when you don’t shave, change at the beach into your suit can be, well, a SHOCK to most men who can see the hedgerow.  Yup it happens.

4.  Forgetting to wrap up your hygiene products after use, ewwwwwe right?  But it happens and DON’T DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST DON’T! Yup it happens.






5.  Leaving our hair on the bathroom sink.  It gets in their beard, their butt crack and sometimes even on their toothbrush.  Clean it up!